Remote sensing of invisible objects and characterization of underground features spread over areas to be secured and controlled

UXO Detection and environmental surveys

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Thanks to our innovative airborne UAV measurement solutions, we serve a large diversity of end users who are active in the fields of demining and, pollution control and more broadly, environment. 

More precisely, we support :

  • Geotechnical Contractors in charge of UXO surveys and other land pollution control missions
  • Construction Companies willing to ensure safe ground breaking and meet their obligations in terms of archeological resources protection
  • Industrial companies of the energy generation and chemical sectors, either during their operations or  beyond the decommissioning of their facilities
  • Certification Institutions looking for surface and subsurface inspections from an independent third party
  • Regional and National bodies, in charge of civil and military infrastructures management.

We collect data which feeds the quality insurance processes of our customers, bringing one more dimension to their tool box for addressing the challenges they face to control environmental pollution, whether it is their core activity or an adjacent one.  

Spectrum of acquired data may be as large as imagination may be as we continuously explore ways to leverage the strength of our IT180 UAV platform, combined with relevant sensors.   

Among other applications, we achieve radiological surveys at nuclear research and nuclear energy production facilities.



We also offer aeromagnetic solutions for sub-surface objects detection. This may include UXO detection, within few meters from the surface, for objects of a size of few tens if centimeters or more, made of ferromagnetic material or not, as a preparation for actual exhumation work to be conducted by UXO experts.  

To a larger extent, our airborne solutions provide information of past anthropic activity. As examples, we can detect buried piping network (e.g. water, gas, etc.), drilled cavities, wells, and retrieve waste disposal pits, as well as providing archeological information.

The benefits of running those detection tasks through our airborne solution are simple:

  • Avoid putting people’s life at risk
  • Meet regulation obligations
  • Save time over traditional sensing methods (pedestrian and aerial means)

Limit costs by collecting more invisible information before actual ground work is done

As we benefit from proprietary ECA Group UAV IT180 platform, we are fully autonomous to develop new and customized payloads to suit our customer’s current and future needs, by addition of new airborne chemical or multispectral payloads, thus completing our CBRNe solution portfolio.



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 +33 (0)1 69 25 68 01  contact@ecagroup.com

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