ECA Group offers a wide range of motorbikes with both military and civilian applications.

Simulation Training Systems for Motorcycles
Simulation Training Systems for Motorcycles

The ECA Group offers a range of technologically advances motorcycle simulators for public and private riding schools...

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These simulators are able to adapt to different driving environments. Pre-accident conditions can be experienced in the simulator allowing new drivers to get a feel for what is safe and what will result in an accident. ECA Group simulators can predict vehicle rollovers, stopping distances on wet, dry or icy roads, severe steering maneuvers, and a host of other real-life driving situations. Sensations noted by the driver such as sound, image, vibration and motion are the same as in real life. As such they offer a high level of realism.

Training simulation News & Events

ECA-GROUP-WEBINAR-VIGNETTE- How to safely anticipate and manage driving risks using vehicle simulators
WEBINAR - Dec.17, 2020 - 1st Responders - Use vehicle simulators to train for... TRAINING SIMULATION

Participate to our webinar to learn more about our driving simulation solutions; ECA GROUP is engaged in the design...

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ECA-GROUP-WEBINAR-VIGNETTE-Driving Simulators for Defence & Security - Learn how to train crews to intervene in critical operations
WEBINAR - Dec.08, 2020 - Driving Simulators for Defence & Security : Learn... TRAINING SIMULATION

Participate to our webinar to learn more about our high-end military simulators, the MVS (Military Vehicles...

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ECA Group-AVIATION SIMULATION- FMST - Flight-Management-System-Trainer
ECA GROUP supports British Airways'pilot training with its A350 & A320 Flight... TRAINING SIMULATION

British Airways selects ECA GROUP's A350 and A320 Flight Management System Trainers (FMST) deployed on mobile...

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