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Exail offers state-of-the-art high-end military simulators of the MVS (Military Vehicles Simulator) range, designed for driving training of land-based light military vehicles.

Simulation Training Systems for Military Vehicles
Simulation Training Systems for Military Vehicles

ECA Group’s Simulation Training Systems for Military Vehicles is the answer to modern training needs of armies,...

Driving Training System for homeland security
Driving Training System for homeland security

This solution is a complete training solution for homeland security officers. Designed to meet the training needs of...

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Including a six-axis platform and a total immersion impression, thanks to a 200° visual projection angle and accurate reproduction of vehicle interiors, this new generation simulator is an optimal teaching tool for army, local and national police forces and military school training centers.

Using the latest digital technology, which enables simulation to appear very close to operational reality, Exail's Military Vehicle Training Simulator is a  novel educational approach  developed in collaboration with military ground training experts for different missions: patrol, escort, convoy, etc.

It optimizes overall training between simulators and real vehicles, armed forces' personnel to be effectively trained, in complete safety, and total training costs to be reduced, due to the use of civilian technology and equipment.

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ECA GROUP presents the Army Driver Training Centre, a complete truck... DEFENCE & SECURITY

It is well known that logistics is key to success in military operations, particularly in high-intensity conflicts....

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Moroccan Defense Administration renews trust in ECA GROUP car and truck... TRAINING SIMULATION

ECA GROUP supplies light and heavy vehicles driving simulators to the Moroccan Defense Administration to train their...

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