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Bringing world first Maritime Mine Countermeasures and Military Survey technology to Australia

Exail is proud to present its fleet of robotic autonomous systems offering the Royal Australian Navy immediate access to some of the world’s most advanced Maritime Mine Countermeasures (MCM) and Military Survey (MS) solutions.

Our technology is proven, low-risk and uniquely equipped to deliver a stand-off autonomous robotic underwater mine warfare and military survey capability for the Royal Australian Navy.

As a leading innovator and supplier of advanced Defence technologies for almost a century, Exail has an outstanding track record. We are trusted partners to more than 30 military navies.

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Exail - The innovative solution for SEA 1905-1

  • World Class, Advanced MCM and MS Technology : World class MCM and MS technology backed by 50 years of development and now in its 3rd generation.

  • Sea Proven : Currently in service with major military navies including Singapore, Japan and France, the technology is sea proven and designed to meet to all Australian operational requirements. 

  • Low risk : Mature solution minimising time, cost and technical risk, demonstrated by our latest successful implementation for the Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navies.   

  • Ready now : No time required for concept development and design proofing – Exail's UMISTM complete end-to-end solution is ready now.

  • Trusted Partners : Honed with our experience across more than 30 military navies, Exail has the experience and capability to deliver whole-of-life solutions for the Royal Australian Navy   – from design to construction, training, operations and sustainment.

  • Skilled Project Team : A trusted team of professionals with over 50 years’ experience in MCM. We have teamed with specialist Australian partners Total Marine Technology (TMT) and Solutions from Silicon (SfS).

  • Australian Commitment : Exail is proud to be introducing its exclusive capability to Australia and is excited at the opportunity to build a long-term presence here. Our commitment to collaboration will ensure we make a significant contribution to Australian Industry Capability.

  • Based on Exail’s recent implementation for the Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navies, UMISTM offers a very low risk solution (technical, schedule and financial) to the Australian Government:

    • In a joint venture with Naval Group, Exail was awarded the contract for a new mine countermeasure capability, based on its UMISTM system, for the Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navies – NATO’s leaders for MCM operations.

    • This €1.8 billion contract (including 12 motherships), to provide a mine countermeasure capability for the NATO alliance, is an unparalleled program on which to base a solution for Australia.

The unmanned vehicles to be manufactured in Belgium for the Mine wafare programme of the Belgium and the Royal Netherlands Navies: Exail opens its Mine Counter Measures factory in Ostend, Belgium


Benefits for Australian Industry Capability

  • Exail is proud to be introducing this capability to Australia and excited at the opportunity to build its presence in Australia for the long term.

  • Close collaboration with Australian companies, together with the transfer of intellectual property (IP) and technology, will provide the basis for and accelerate future development of an Australian sovereign capability in robotics and autonomous defence systems for the underwater domain.

  • Partnering with local companies is a key success factor, and Exail will work closely with them to provide an evergreened solution in collaboration with the Commonwealth, academia and local research institutions.

  • Exail has a long tradition of sharing IP and transferring technology to partner nations and has signed memorandums of understanding with several Australian entities to deliver SEA 1905-1:

  • UGL - a member of the CIMIC Group and one of Australia's biggest multi-disciplined engineering companies. The partnership will significantly bolster Australia's sovereign Defence capability and create an Australian hub for Exail's world leading mine countermeasures, military survey, (MCM/MS) and autonomous system technologies.

  • Acacia Systems - a leading South Australian-based Defence software and systems engineering company specialising in mission systems software, cross platform sensor fusion, automatic target detection, localisation, and data analytics. Exail will transfer the required knowhow to enable Acacia to undertake maintenance of its core UMISOFT Mission Management software.

  • Total Marine Technology (TMT), a WA-based company, has extensive experience and a proven record of performance and reliability in the engineering design, manufacture and operation of underwater systems, including remotely operated vehicles down to 6000m depth.

  • Exail has also signed agreements with two other Australian companies, Mission Systems and Solutions from Silicon.

  • Exail is actively pursuing further partnerships to maximise Australian Industry Capability and participation.

  • Working closely with Australian universities and research organisations, Exail will collaborate in Australian research to facilitate, enhance and assist development of sovereign capability in the underwater domain.


Exail's solution: Integrated Maritime Mine Countermeasures and fully autonomous fleet

Detect - Classify - Identify - Neutralise

Exail specialises in Maritime Mine Countermeasures (MCM) for demanding situations and offers the only complete stand-off MCM solution specifically designed for deployment from a mother vessel, vessel of opportunity or onshore.

The integrated MCM system synchronises a range of advanced autonomous robots to efficiently locate, identify and neutralise underwater threats, while safely distancing vessels and crew from the minefield.

Exail’s UMISTM is a vertically integrated system employing open architectuare to streamline the integration of other third party manufactured unmanned and autonomous vehicles.


Unmanned MCM Integrated System (UMISTM )

The Unmanned MCM Integrated System (UMISTM) is a vertically integrated robotic solution that provides a powerful combination of Exail’s proprietary and third party naval robots, with unmanned and autonomous surface, underwater and remotely operated vehicles and towed sonars.

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A fully integrated and autonomous system, UMISTM is readily scalable and can be deployed on-board specialised vessels, non-dedicated ships or directly from shore.

Exail’s class leading Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS) make it possible for the full spectrum of MCM operations to be conducted remotely, efficiently and safely, enabling the USV to launch and recover AUVs, ROVs and towed sonar.

Further enhancing versatility, a unique containerised version – UMIS in the Box – is available for easy transport and storage, and fast deployment of MCM mission packages by air, land or sea.

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Mission Management System


UMISOFTTM is the Mission Management System (MMS) of UMISTM. It is a complete, integrated, open architecture and interoperable software suite used to control all phases of an MCM mission.

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Unmanned Surface Vessel with Launch and Recovery System

The INSPECTOR Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) are an efficient and safe way to secure zones. The remotely operated Launch and Recovery System (LARS), enables the underwater vehicles to be rapidly and safely deployed to perform mine identification and disposal.

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The INSPECTOR 90 is specifically suited to operate in shallow water MCM and military survey operations.

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The largest sea-going USV in the range capable of performing the full range of Naval operations.

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Multi-missions Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Military Applications

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Designed to detect, classify and recognise sea mines in close proximity to the smartest mines without activating their fuse.

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A man portable AUV, dedicated to defence and security applications.

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The Towed Sonar with superior capability for mine warfare operations.

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MIDS ROV Solutions

Mine Identification and Destruction Systems (MIDS) combining identification & neutralization Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

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Seascan MK2

A lightweight self-propelled ROV dedicated to inspection and identification missions.

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Developed to neutralise sea mines from a safe stand-off position.

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Exail's Military Survey solution



Ultra Deep Water AUV

Building on 50 years of experience in deep and ultra-deep water for oceanography, Exail offers a portfolio of solutions for naval surveillance, hydrography and bathymetry, from shallow water to depths of 6000m.

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A team and solution ready now

Exail has a trusted team of professionals with over 50 years’ experience in Maritime Mine Countermeasures (MCM).

Exail has teamed with the local Australian SMEs Total Marine Technology and Solutions from Silicon that possess the world class expertise. Our Australian team which will expand as active local engagement process continues, is ready to deliver Royal Autralian Navy an advanced MCM and MS capabilities.

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  • Exail are recognised as world-leading specialists in autonomous and remotely controlled air, surface and underwater systems, including MCM and undersea warfare.

  • An international company, privately owned and family founded, Exail has developed innovative and market leading defence technologies for almost a century.

  • As a world leader with over 80 years’ experience in robotics and an in-depth, specialist knowledge across four defence domains – air, land, sea and subsea – Exail’s approach is characterised by quality, precision and knowhow.

  • The company’s has outstanding credentials including:

    • The world’s first 6000m Autonomous Vehicle, the EPAULARD.

    • The Royal Australian Navy introduced its first Exail (then ECA Group) PAP ROVs in 1986, which was the world's first underwater mine identification and disposal vehicle. Today, a retired PAP is proudly displayed outside the HMAS WATERHEN headquarters, in Sydney.


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