New Defence Order Strategy: ECA Group's ROV H300 for Hydraulic Facilities Safety Assurance

Thursday, April 28 2016
ECA Group's Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) H300 is used for monitoring and inspection, Operational experience in partnership with Oceanos

The history of hydraulic facilities development, particularly the development of HPP dams and dikes is full of emergency and accident events. Main threats to dam safety are natural disasters and criminal groups, preferring to act "in the old-fash­ioned way" – by attacking dam’s upper facilities using small arms. However, it is just a matter of time before extremists re­vise their tactics and will threat dams from under the water.

New Threats And Hazards

Taking into account current level of tech­nology and availability of advanced techni­cal solutions, safety system developers and risk assessment analysts should consider a risk of terrorist attacks using cutting-edge remotely operated equipment and even au­tonomous vehicles along with “traditional” means of attack. Penetration of frogmen with semi-circuit SCUBAs and autonomous remote-controlled vehicles are the most likely hazards to be considered.

Previously, government agencies have been solely responsible for the develop­ment of machines capable of carrying ex­plosive warhead. However today even aver­age-level engineers are able to develop and produce such equipment due to technology availability, global economy, the ability to order anonymously high-tech elements in the commercial market.

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) For Monitoring And Inspection. Operational Experience

Based on operational experience, OCEANOS JSC has designed the concept of ROV application that allows to ensure appropriate monitoring and inspection of hydraulic structures.

Oceanos uses the H300Mk2 vehicle as the basic version of ROV. This vehicle is as­sembled in the Russian Federation, accord­ing to technical specifications approved by the state customer, and has a significant percentage of the “made in Russia” compo­nents. The vehicle has shown high perfor­mance in complicated operational condi­tions, including extreme conditions of the Barents Sea. This ROV features onboard powerful lighting and moves as fast as to be able to leave any diver behind. Fitted with a manipulator, this system is designed as a non-lethal intrusion prevention system. If any unauthorized diver is spotted, the ROV operator can easily force the intruder out of the security area or make him to emerge.

For five years, these vehicles were widely used by government agencies of Russia with the technical support of JSC "Oceanos". This operating period has al­lowed to gain vast practical experience in the field. Oceanos offers operational H-300 ROVs available for work, long-term and short-term rentals and are ready to supply new vehicles accustomed to Cli­ent’s requirements.

For appropriate response to today’s chal­lenges, we need to develop the hydraulic power facility security system that will in­clude robotic solutions to guarantee the safety of HPP dams and dikes. The best solution is integration of protection equip­ment such as physical protection (nets and bones), ROVs, stationary sonar sys­tem, and, finally, frogmen. Our company is ready to build said complex systems, providing adequate level of safety to these high-risk objects.

Published on the magazine New Defence Order Strategy, N°38, January 2016

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ECA Group ROV H300

Photo: Oceanos JSC

ROV for Hydraulic Facilities Safety Assurance

Photo: Oceanos JSC

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