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Discover the ECA Group's VS 390 N, a monochrome single unit TV camera with radiation tolerant solid state sensor (APS) sensor for surveillance within nuclear plants / CCTV network.



  • Active pixel sensor (APS) technology

  • High resolution

  • Non browning glass

  • Remote controlled functions


  • APS cameras combine the main advantages of both CCD and tube cameras that are traditionally used in nuclear applications:

    • The high radiation tolerance of tube cameras

    • The long time of continuous operation of CCD cameras, without the need for maintenance and replacement of resource components like CCD module or tube image sensor.

  • The single unit VS390N camera yields a 1 Vpp video signal, thus allowing the use of a standard umbilical cable.


  • Survey of process
  • Assistance to teleoperations
  • Integration within CCTV networks
  • Installation on special tools

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