Naval decision making requires a good knowledge of environmental data  which can be critical to acquire with a classical manned platform. With the INSPECTOR 90 USV fitted with the right sensors it is possible to get, safely and simultaneously, a complete underwater and aerial situation awareness and real time transmission of these information to the decision makers for a fast and accurate environmental assessment.


Surface and underwater intelligence collection

  • Crew safe operation
  • Sea proven in operation system
  • Enduring and large payload capacities system
  • Very shallow water survey
  • Littoral survey 

Applications for Defence & Security

  • subsea REA


Provided a low magnetic and acoustic signature an Unmanned Surface Vehicle fitted with a high precision navigation system and the right payload can collect wide surface and subsea data in a crew safe operation.

ECA’S legacy

ECA has designed, built and tested at sea the stable INSPECTOR USV family. These USV are designed to operate and deploy autonomously large payload with innovation to improve efficiency.

Typical missions for USV REA

  • Sea floor data collection
  • Bathymetric data
  • Oceanographic data
  • Current and tidal information
  • Turbulence
  • Ambient noise
  • Presence of obstacles and mines
  • Surface optical intelligence

Rapid environmental assessment challenges

REA is an upstream mission to collect data and intelligence in order to prepare military operations. In case of amphibious landing, decision maker would like to clear explosive ordnance disposal and bogging down risks for example. To get a big picture could impact on divers operations, landing operations, unmanned system operations, submarine operations, homeland security and custom operation, commandos operations, and so on. Rapid Environmental Assessment is part of “first-entry” capacities.



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