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The USV Inspector 90 is a multipurpose drone platform based on hydrojet propulsion, able to be operated in autonomous mode, remoted control or onboard steering.

Its performances and its accuracy make it efficient in protection missions, recurrent operations, mine warfare activities and Rapid Environment Assessment. Its open design permits to deploy a large range of payloads.

Thanks to its design, the INSPECTOR 90 is very effective in harsh conditions. A high level of maneuverability enhances the hassle-free user experience.


Modularity: Configure according to your needs

Adaptable, this surface vessel can be operated in both autonomous mode, remoted control and onboard steering, while its open design permits to deploy a large range of payloads. A large aft deck is available to set modular subsystem as robots or specific sensors. A 4 m² surface is ready to transport up to 600 kg of materials.

Designed to operate a large range of robots and sensors, the INSPECTOR 90 is ready to deploy:

  • MIDS and inspection robots
  • Seafloor survey sensors
  • non lethal weapons
  • Coastal protection effectors
  • Intelligence sensors

ECA Group's USVs can be customized according to specific needs in terms of sensors, or performance requirements expressed by the customer.

Thus, it is also fully compatible with missions requiring the deployment other drones and sonars, enabling to carry out a wide range of operations for both homeland security and maritime applications.


UMISTM compatible for mine countermeasure missions

INSPECTOR 90 is integrated in UMISTM system for underwater mine warfare mission, making it possible to run several naval drones simultaneously from a single command center. 

Remotely contolled from operators located in control and command center outside ot the minefield, USV carries and automatically deploys other naval drones such as Mine Identification and Destruction Systems (MIDS), including ECA Group's underwater robots for identification (SEASCAN) and neutralization (K-STER C) of sea mines.

The hull of the INSPECTOR 90 has been specifically designed to be the best compromise for sea keeping, both in transit and at very low speeds for launching and recovery of UUVs.



Drone Kit: "dronization" know-how for any platform

All INSPECTOR USVs are equipped with a "Drone Kit" sub-assembly which has all the sensors and actuators required to control and guide the USV.

Drone Kits can be provided for towing the multi-influence minesweeping system (AMAS) by USV.



  • Manual, Remotely Controled and Autonomous Operations USV
  • Multi Tasks and easy reconfiguration capabilities
  • High navigation accuracy and repeatability
  • Great endurance at sea high level of availability and operational effectiveness
  • Crew safe operations


  • Navies
  • Homeland Security operators
  • Border control
  • Law enforcement units


For the Defence & Security Sector

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Harbour / Coastal surveillance and protection
  • Underwater Mine Countermeasures
  • Rapid Environment Assesment (REA)

For the Maritime Sector

  • Underwater inspection and surveys
  • Bathymetry and Survey for hydrography and oceanography

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