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UMISOFTTM a fully integrated software system to perform Mine Countermeasures missions.

UMISOFT™ is a software system that can be interconnected with different equipment such as UAVs, sensors, sweeps, automated LARS, etc.

UMISOFT is developed in-house, and therefore fully controlled by Exail, and benefits from 20 years’ experience in the development of preparation and supervision software for autonomous naval vehicles (AUV and USV).

Relying on its 60 years expertise in providing the most performant unmanned systems for missions at sea (USVs, UUV) in the air (UAVs), Exail offers a comprehensive software suite for mission management.



A complete software to manage MCM missions


As Exail designs and produces a large range of autonomous vehicles to cover a wide variety of needs UMISOFT™ offers for the first time the possibility of using a fully integrated latest-generation system, interconnecting all the phases of a mission within a comprehensive and intelligent process, with each component and player sharing the same operational data in real time.

UMISOFTTM  is a complete tool allowing to fulfill all the phases MCM mission. Thus, the full operational cycle can be assured in a strongly integrated way, from mission orders reception to final report edition.

The different phases which are detection, classification, identification and neutralization are planned, prepared, run, supervised and analyzed thanks to this performant and fully integrated software suite.

Data transfer and storage are centralized in order to obtain for each operative the most up-to-date situation in real-time ensuring integrity, security and control of the entire system.


The system has many advantages that allow operators to carry out missions with unprecedented performance, ease and flexibility.

The system is flexible and can be configured as required.

The type and number of modules depend on customer requirement and the type and number of autonomous vehicles controlled by the UMISOFT™ software suite.

Triton Imaging had developed a format that has become a global reference: XTF (eXtended Triton Format) used by the majority of acoustic sensor suppliers around the world. This format is currently managed by Exail.


  • Underwater mine warfare
  • Mine Countermeasures


  • Navies and civil protection forces operating at sea
  • Defence operators
  • Homeland security operators

software modules

The main modules of the UMISOFT™ system are:

  • UMISOFT™ MM: Mission Management, for task creation, mission planning and evaluation, as well as for static data management;
    UMISOFT-MM notably integrates the know-how acquired since 2010 when Exail delivered first versions (then named CoMMI) for mission management of AUVs.

  • UMISOFT™ DC: Drone Control, software associated with a drone and its payloads;
    UMISOFT-DC is the heir of the developments carried out by Exail for several decades for PAP demining vehicles, then K-STER and SEASCAN vehicles, as well as ALISTAR 3000 and the various versions of A27 AUVs. INSPECTOR USVs also use a very large number of its functional blocks.

  • UMISOFT™ DM: Data Management software for processing and analysing sensor data;
    UMISOFT-DM is developed around the software suite developed by Exail since 1995. Exail (through Triton Imaging acquisition) has sold more than 1,250 systems in over 40 countries in a wide range of markets: mine warfare (France, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, India, Norway, Turkey, New Zealand, etc.) but also hydrography, port security etc.

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Time saving thanks to the creation, optimization and parallelization of tasks
Proposition of targeted solutions for more efficiency 



Shared services & data
Complete management of the operational cycle



Rich tactical situation for better understanding
MCM optimized mission management
Automatic proposal of scenario & comparison tools
Distributed contextual data



Dynamic tactical display
Event handling & scheduling update




Easily interfaced with Exail and third party drones
Based on standards (S57, S63, AML, MIL-STD 2525C, WMS/WFS, etc.)



Automatic registration & description of drones
Option-based model to be adapted according operator’s needs



Unlimited number of connected drones: USV, AUV, ROV, UAV
Unlimited number of client modules
Virtually unlimited storage space



Client authentication
Encrypted communications


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