UMISOFTTM a fully integrated software system to perform Mine Counter Measures missions.

Relying on its 60 years expertise in providing the most performant unmanned systems for missions at sea (USVs, UUV) in the air (UAVs), ECA Group offers a comprehensive software suite for mission management.

UMISOFTTM  is a complete tool allowing to fulfill all the phases MCM mission. Thus, the full operational cycle can be assured in a strongly integrated way, from mission orders reception to final report edition.

The different phases which are detection, classification, identification and neutralization are planned, prepared, run, supervised and analyzed thanks to this performant and fully integrated software suite.

Data transfer and storage are centralized in order to obtain for each operative the most up-to-date situation in real-time ensuring integrity, security and control of the entire system.

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Avantages of UMISOFTTM



Time saving thanks to the creation, optimization and parallelization of tasks

Proposition of targeted solutions for more efficiency 



Shared services & data

Complete management of the operational cycle


Easy access

Rich tactical situation for better understanding

MCM optimized mission management

Automatic proposal of scenario & comparison tools

Distributed contextual data



Dynamic tactical display

Event handling & scheduling update


Open Architecture

Easily interfaced with ECA Group and third party drones

Based on standards (S57, S63, AML, MIL-STD 2525C, WMS/WFS, etc.)



Automatic registration & description of drones

Option-based model to be adapted according operator’s needs



Unlimited number of connected drones: USV, AUV, ROV, UAV

Unlimited number of client modules

Virtually unlimited storage space



Client authentification

Encrypted communications

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