Relying on its 60 years expertise in providing the most performant unmanned systems for missions at sea (USVs, UUVs) and in the air (UAVs), ECA GROUP offers a comprehensive, safe, time and cost-effective drone based system to perform Mine Counter Measures missions at sea.

UMISTM is a comprehensive unmanned system developed by ECA GROUP for surveying or securing large or complex zones at sea as well as costal areas. This turn-key and modular solution includes a wide range of unmanned vehicles such as USVs, UUVs (AUVs, ROVs, MIDS), towed systems (sonars, sweeps) and UAVs. UMISTM also integrates a comprehensive software suite UMISOFTTM  allowing easy and complete management of the entire unmanned mission from preparation, planning and supervision, to data acquisition, processing analysis and management.

UMISTM is especially suited for Navies and Homeland Protection operators engaged in battlefields and in survey or intervention missions at sea.


Faster & safer operations

Deployed from the shore or from a mothership, UMISTM enables to perform several tasks simultaneously, allowing to:

  • Reduce the time of operations
  • Provide more efficient use of human resources

In addition, the ship by not having to enter the hazardous area, UMISTM allows to conduct operations more safely compared to traditional solutions.

A cost effective solution

UMISTM has been designed using common modules (software and hardware) offering:

  • Reduced procurement costs as a result of commonality
  • Reduced through life costs thanks to maintenance and spare parts standardization, common training for several systems / equipment
  • Minimized integration: common equipment (consoles, tracking, comms...) providing space and weight savings


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