ECA Group's Ultimate Pipe Controller is an Explosion Proof remote controlled system for In-Pipe Inspection (IPI) of gas compressor and booster compressor stations (CS) pipe manifold. This system is able to move in horizontal sections of pipe with size at least 700 mm, and in vertical and inclined sections with pipe from 700 to 1000 mm.

Its standard sensors permit to detect:

  • Defects of welds, Internal defects of pipe body,
  • Loss of metal on the external surface of a pipe, Defects due to SCC (stress corrosion cracking),
  • Decreasing of wall thickness of pipe bend caused by erosive wear,
  • Volume contamination,
  • Foreign objects.

It can also define real geometry of CS pipe manifold and find out actual locations of welds.


Applications for Defence & Security

  • Inspection of pipes in hazardous areas 
  • TV inspection of Industrial Equipments
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