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The Exail UAV IT180-60 is a mini long endurance electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that can carry multiple payloads and perform a wide range of missions, both for civilian and military needs.

The UAV IT180 has been developed to combine robustness, reliability, resilience and performance. Its unique features make it operable even by harsh weather conditions resisting to wind gust up to 60km/h, rain, sand, extreme temperatures.

The IT180-60 performs a wide range of missions discreetly, with live and enhanced vision, superior tracking for defence and security missions with reduced noise pollution.


In sum - A unique combat proven UAV

  • Compact long-range solution;
  • Full capacity in harsh environments (dust, wind, moderate rain, snow, sea) and benefiting from its reinforced characteristics;
  • Full integration possibilities of numerous payloads depending on the mission;
  • Ready for the next cycle with AI development;
  • An agnostic, scalable and certified platform



  • Combat proven (French army)
  • Wind resistance up to 60 km/h
  • 5kg payload
  • Endurance up to 60 min
  • Low acoustic signature
  • Communication range up to 3 km
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • Autonomous or manual navigation
  • Perching mode
  • Day and night missions
  • High stability
  • Quick deployment & ease of use


Its low radiated noise and radar cross section allow to perform a wide range of operations, making it the ideal solution for:

  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Reconnaissance

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

Critical Infrastructure Protection (Sea / Land) : Harbour surveillance, coastal surveillance

Law Enforcement (Sea / Land) : Coast guard, customs, police

Special Forces Aerial Intelligence for fire fighting

Search & Rescue operations (for Naval Forces)

Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance for Naval forces

Surveillance & Protection: Harbour surveillance, harbour response, coastal surveillance and coastal reponse


Applications for Aerospace Sector

Airborne monitoring & survey: Tactical reconnaissance for Defence

Airborne monitoring & survey: Critical infrastructure Protection & Law Enforcement for Homeland Security

Airborne monitoring & survey: Site protection for Civil


Applications for Energy & Industry Sector

Aerial surveillance for Site protection

Aerial surveillance & Nuclear detection for Nuclear plants

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