ECA Group solutions include a wide range of TV cameras and lights, frontal or Pan & Tilt / PTZ, fitted as CCTV networks for the surveillance and monitoring in hazardous environment on FPSO and Rigs. All can be EX certified in conformity with ATEX and IECEX standards.

Most hazardous sites presenting an explosion risk require an overall visual survey of their operational area. To do so, an explosion proof certified panoramic viewing TV system is a great way to monitor a large area. ECA GROUP solution for large area survey is to offer an explosion proof dome TV camera with hemispherical viewing, considerably lighter and more compact than the traditional heavy and cumbersome external pan & tilt unit.

For this application, ECA Group offers 3 types of cameras:

  • DTR 100 Z ADF for large zone surveillance by a single TV camera
  • DTR 120 Z EX for large zone surveillance by a network of TV cameras
  • VS 45 EX for restricted zone surveillance by a single TV camera


  • Panoramic and night & day survey
  • Built-in IP server for access and control of a network of cameras
  • Ultra compact wide angle colour TV camera


  • FPSO
  • Drilling rigs
  • Offshore platforms
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Gas storage areas operators
  • Oil refineries



  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring


  • ATEX
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