B737 Touch screen trainer is today's must have device for filling the gap between theoretical Computer Based Training and upscale Full Flight Simulator.

The B737 Touch Screen Trainer (TST) is a modular training tool which allows to run a full aircraft simulation on low cost and flexible Touch Screen hardware. As so, it enables to train on ground phase for all procedure training from a PC desktop.

This solution brings tremendous advantages within the most attractive pricing range.

This full simulation software for A330 combines the use the Airbus official Data Package and a dedicated customer support meeting training centers highest requirements. The device is customizable thanks to a wide range of hardware replica, to meet training needs and budget constraints.

The TST B737 interface is easy-to-use for both trainees and instructors, thus allowing minimum disruption to their work.



  • Most complete hardware solution
  • Use of Customer’s Navigation Database
  • Ergonomic Instructor’s Operating Station
  • PC-based Windows environment
  • Customization to Customer’s needs and budget


  • Training centers
  • Airlines


  • Flight training for aircraft pilots


  • Quick return on investment
  • Simulation at FFS level
  • Optimizes training time and offers the ability of “in house” training
  • Multiple associated training events (Normal, abnormal...)
  • Easy maintenance


  • FAA approved FTD Level 4
  • EASA approved FTD Level 1
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