A320 Touch screen trainer is today's must have device for filling the gap between theoretical Computer Based Training and upscale Full Flight Simulator.

A320 Touch Screen Trainer (TST) is a modular training tool which allows to run full aircraft simulation on low cost and flexible Touch Screen hardware.

This solution brings tremendous advantages within the most attractive pricing range to train on ground phase for all procedure training.

This full simulation software running on PC desktop has been developed using Airbus official Data Package combined with dedicated customer support to answer to training centers highest requirements. The device is customizable through an exhaustive list of hardware replica to meet customer's training needs and budget.

This interface is easy-to-use for both trainees and instructors allowing minimum disruption to their work.


  • Most complete hardware solution
  • Use of Customer Navigation Database
  • Ergonomic Instructor Operating Station
  • PC-based Windows environment
  • Customization to Customer needs and budget
  • Fully compatible with Airbus APT courses


  • FAA approved FTD Level 4
  • EASA approved FTD Level 1


  • Flight training for aircraft pilots


  • Quick return on investment
  • Simulation at FFS level
  • Optimizes training time and offers the ability of “in house” training
  • Multiple associated training events (Normal, abnormal...)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Same malfunction list as FFS


  • Training centers
  • Airlines
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