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Most aircraft components use ARINC429 protocol. ECA Group designed a generic tool, TP10-A429, to connect to ARINC429 databus to read and/or share information.

TP10-A429 is a compact ARINC 429 reader/transmitter with large touchscreen & user oriented interface . It features manufacturer data to increase productivity.



TP10-A429: New and optimized compact ARINC 429 reader - transmitter for avionics troubleshooting & maintenance tasks


Aerospace industry trends impacting electrical testing

Improving aircraft production and maintenance operations requires to face new challenges in the aerospace electrical testing (i.e. ensuring quality requests within production ramp-up programs, performing minimal testing within the production process, leveraging the testing results along the full aircraft lifecyle,…)



ECA GROUP new generation solutions

ECA Group develops innovative solutions to overcome technical requirements. These solutions of latest generation are easy-to-use, quickly operational and are as efficient as possible within minimum time frame of maintenance to minimize aircraft downtime. (i.e. AOG contraints,…)

In addition, maintenance operations are particularly depending on issues awareness within the best time frame. Operators do need to understand information exchanged between aircraft components in order to speed up the troubleshooting period.

ECA GROUP’s vision over the years with a technology based on evolutive testing capabilities, data analytics and extended tooling services

With ECA Group broad offering in maintenance and production tools, TP10-A429 is next in the series of electrical Ground Support Equipment (eGSE), designed to address both performance and efficiency requirements for troubleshooting operations.

Well aware of operators and MROs maintenance constraints, ECA Group GSE customer support team is deeply committed in offering the best service level to its worldwide customers. Reactivity, Flexibility, Technical Assisgance are some of ECA Group’s values of a longstanding and successful partnership with our customers.



A solution for faster aircraft maintenance

TP10–A429 is one of the most innovative and effective tool :

  • Improved operational time with touch & user friendly interface - a battery-powered hand-held device
    • Hand-held and rugged test pad, equipped with a 6.5inch touch screen and with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface. This tool with a weight of only 800 grs is designed to be used in aircraft environment and has 8 hours ‘s autonomy.
  • Enhanced data reading thanks to industrial value decoding
    • TP10-A429 allows all ARINC 429 operations including multi-label monitoring, real-time data recording, equipment simulation, and many more… Using latest standard database, it enables decoding any ARINC 429 messages in industrial values.
  • Arinc429 customization
    • TP10-A429 can be customized with a new specific database using a simple excel file pushed on to the provided USB port


Qualified for major aircraft programs!

TP10-A429 is qualified and recommended by major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers.


TP10-A429 : an all-time ready to use device

TP10-A429 has a real advantage as this tool does not require any calibration nor any periodic check.


Since more than 30 years, ECA Group has been developing an expertise in designing and manufacturing ARINC429 based tools: The ARINC Message Reader Transmitter - Mini AMRT, P/N 20509SI no longer available, has been one of these tools.

For years, ECA Group AMRT has proven its effectiveness capabilities in production and maintenance environments.

From now on, thanks to TP10-A429 brand new features and extended functionalities, technicians and engineers are able to perform their avionics bus troubleshooting and equipment functional testing operations with an autonomous user-friendly tool, which provides direct reading of post treatment information.



Similar ARINC 429 troubleshooting tools are numerous on the market. They are however pocket calculators with few functions, small black and white LCD screens showing only binary information, too many buttons, which implies a complex navigation and therefore impacts on troubleshooting time. ECA Group’s TP10-A429 is a single device, which does not require a laptop with an ARINC429 USB key (dongle) and a sophisticated software. No need for external power. It is a battery-powered handheld device with 8 hours autonomy.


TP10-a429 to perform minimal testing within the production process

Thanks to ECA Group’s TP10-A429 brand-new features and extended functionalities, operators will perform their avionics bus troubleshooting and equipment functional testing operations quickly, efficiently as to minimize aircraft downtime.


A tool ready to be used in no time

ECA Group’s TP10-A429 is ergonomic, ready to be used in no time thanks to its Plug & Play functionality. It includes ARINC 429 full decoding, instead of binary values to be coded and decoded. Its user-friendly interface will help operators to carry out appropriate operations much easier and quicker.


No-fault-found (NFF) reduction

ECA Group’s TP10-A429 reduces NO-FAULT-FOUND (NFF) cases. One of its major advantages in aircraft troubleshooting operations is to avoid returning aircraft components (LRUs) to service centers with the No Fault Found (NFF) result.

TP10-A429 features enable operators to be strictly compliant with the ARINC 429 standards.

TP10-A429 contains a lithium-ion battery certified with respect to UN38.3 tests and Criteria (The MSDS - Material Safety Datasheet, including all safety and maintenance instructions, is delivered upon request.)

The device is in compliance with the applicable EC (European Conformity) standards and regulations :

  • EN 61326-1 (May 2013) : Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - EMC requirements - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN 61010-1 (January 2011): Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN 50581 (Janvier 2013): Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances.



ECA Group TP10-A429 compact reader/transmitter is mainly used by technicians carrying out ground testing operations for various aircraft programs. The ARINC 429 users are technicians of OEMS, Service Centers and Airframe Manufacturers.

They are also aircraft operators of MROs and Airlines using manuals such as AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) and TSM (TroubleShooting Manual).


  • ECA GROUP and its worldwide support

TP10-A429 is a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) supported through a network of authorized agents and distributors throughout the world.

  • ECA GROUP’s dedicated customer-oriented team

All services associated with sales, loan and maintenance are being handled by ECA Group GSE Department. A dedicated team responds to all customers requests.

Moreover, all spare parts and repair requests are being managed by ECA Group GSE customer services team

Upon request, ECA Group offers the possibility to provide customized specific database in replacement of the integrated ARINC 429 generic database.


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