Touch screen trainer is today's must have device for filling the gap between theoretical Computer Based Training and upscale Full Flight Simulators. This solution brings tremendous advantages within the most attractive pricing range. Hardware replica customization, full simulation developed using OEM Data Package combined with dedicated customer support meets Type Rating Training Organizations highest requirements.




  • ECA Group Touch Screen Trainers feature type-specific cockpit replicas represented on touch screens with hardware integration of the most training-relevant 3D-replicated panels, placing trainees into an immersive, but not stressful, environment. Dedicated to flight – and also maintenance – crew training, the solutions offer the following training capabilities:

    • Preflight procedures
    • Surface operations (pre-take-off and post landing)
    • Takeoff and departure phase (normal, abnormal and emergency)
    • In flight manoeuvers
    • Instrument Approaches and Landing (normal, abnormal and emergency)
    • Any flight phase – normal, abnormal and emergency procedures


  • Type rating (Initial Training) - saves up to 50% of simulator time
  • Jet transition / Entry Level Training
  • APS
  • MPL FSTD Phase 2,3 and 4 (partial)


  • ECA Group Flight Training Devices can be qualified with the following accreditations:

      • FTD Level 1
    • FAA 14 CFR Part 60
      • Level 4
      • Level 5



Simulated Aircraft types


  • A320 (CEO  & NEO)
  • A330


  • B737 - 800
  • B747 - 400


  • CRJ200
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