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In a connected 4.0 production and maintenance environment, new electrical testing tools must be tailored to aerospace applications and evolutive without suffering from electronic obsolescence issues.

Throughout the life of the aircraft, electronic systems that get tested regularly evolve in design. Besides, electrical systems often face obsolescence issues, either for on-board equipment or for test means themselves. Indeed, the design cycles of electrical testing means can be very short and the need for a tailored and powerful testing system still be required.

This creates the need for testing solutions that are flexible and evolutive to adapt to aircraft configuration changes over time. Besides such solution needs to adjust across the complete aerospace product life-cycle, from research and development, production, in-service operation and for maintenance services.



Today's technical operators need several tools to carry out their electrical troubleshooting missions.



  • A NEW ELECTRICAL TESTING SOLUTION - ECA Group co-developed with NICOMATIC, manufacturer of interconnect solutions, an all-in-one toolbox concept, suited for major aircraft troubleshooting operations, and particularly suitable in AOG (aircraft-on-ground) situations.

  • With ECA Group’s TC50eTOOL, technicians are able to carry out quicker diagnostics, to undertake preventive maintenance tasks, to reduce aircraft down-time, saving therefore critical aircraft operational time.

  • A tool with multiple testing functionalities such as: Distance-to-fault ; Voltage /Current/ Resistance measurement; Phase order check; Diode testing; Insulation test; & Thermal Imaging for daily electrical troubleshooting operations without any risk of cable alteration.


A new T-CELL®-based solution dedicated to aeronautic applications

ECA Group T-CELL®-based solution is validated on most-used aeronautic cable types.

ECA Group NICOMATIC’s partnership enabled the development of a solution to precisely locate wiring faults in any types of civil and military aircraft

ECA Group developed its novel T-CELL® technology based on smart electronic modules capable of acquiring, generating or switching all types of aircraft electrical signals.


The uniqueness of T-CELL® technology

It is the interchangeability and compactness of the modules in the aim to design multi-functional testing systems. The modules are significally smaller in size compared to traditional testing boards, while also achieving the same accurary as larger stand-alone testers. In less than five minutes, these hot-plugged modules can be arranged to perform avionics bus and analog testing in or around the aircraft. This modular and streamlined architecture allows for offering unlimited tooling form factors, ranging from hand-held testers (<10 test points) to a distributed functional testing system (>2,000 distributed test points).



An innovative solution integrating NICOMATIC's SmartCo technological module within ECA Group's T-CELL technology

SmartCo is a solution that uses reflectometry, a diagnostics method based on the principle used by radar. The innovation behind the SmartCo solution is that it combines reflectometry with communication using the new Orthogonal Multi-tone Time Domain Reflectometry (OMTDR) method. This OMTDR technology is able to perform preventive maintenance and detect faults within a wired network more quickly.



TC50-eTOOL - the first, state-off-the-art, all-in-one portable electrical testing solution fully adapted to MROs and OEMs aircraft on-ground operational tasks

ECA Group’s TC50-eTOOL innovative main feature allows wiring fault localization (open and short circuits) with an accuracy up to 0,1%.

TC50eTool displays a simple web user interface, accessible through any devices. It integrates all wiring and adapters. It features an improved ergonomics, allowing technicians to perform all generic TSM (Troubleshooting Manual) electrical tasks quicker and much more accurately.



While numerous troubleshooting tools are available on the market, they are mostly manual, mono-function tools, with limited power, with less integrated core testing capacities, etc, these drawbacks have a detrimental effect on the time of troubleshooting.

  • The unique "Plug & Play" all-in-one toolbox enables immediate diagnostics for Aircraft-On-Ground emergency services.
  • TC-50 eTOOL reduces troubleshooting time and No-Fault-Found on electrical harnesses
  • Portable, rugged, up to 8 hours battery-powered, TC-50 eTOOL includes multiple testing funtionalities such as: Distance-to-fault, Voltage/Current/Resistance Measurement, Phase order check, Diode testing, Insulation test, Thermal imaging, for daily electrical troubleshooting operations without any risk of cable alteration.
  • The Distance-to-fault, one of the key TC50-eTOOL's functionality, enables easy detection and location of hard faults (Open circuits and Short circuits) with an high accuracy up to 0.1%.
  • TC50-eTool can be used by any qualified technician with no specific training


TC50-eTool solution provides major operational improvements and availability, since it minimizes significantly maintenance costs thanks to:

  • Reduced No-Fault-Found occurrences
  • An improved Maintenance process
  • Cut down Cancellations and delays
  • Workload forecast


For more than 30 years, ECA Group has been providing aerospace testing solutions with high-added values, throughout the entire life cycle to the aircraft. Moreover ECA Group has always been committed to providing intuitive products and is continually taking on future challenges for less aircraft down-time and therefore more efficient aircraft operations.

T-CELL® technology benefits from this rewarding and valuable experience in aerospace testing tools design, manufacturing and maintenance, including full hardware and software obsolescence management. With T-CELL®integrated solutions, complex and oversized test benches become outdated in favor of compact and agile testing products.


  • MROs
  • EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS (Maintenance Instructors, Aircraft Technicians, Avionics Repair Operators, Ground Testing Engineers)


The safety of TC50-eTOOL is compliant with current technical rules and standards. (special safety instructions, environmental protection, Measurement) The user instruction manual delivered with the tool specifies all operation standards and all safety instructions, operating techniques, precautions and limitations (for the customer’s safery and to protect the product)

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ECA Group provides product support all over the world. A list of approved repair facilities worldwide is made available to its customers. These repairshops ensure that the equipment is well serviced with proper procedures and certified instruments. Upon remittance of a Return Maintenance Authorization (RMA), a follow-up of shipment and delivered service is therefore guaranteed. Requests should be addressed to ECA Group GSE Services

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