ECA Group STR-L is a step tracking receiver l band for satellite ground station equipment.


STEP TRACKING RECEIVER L BAND is developped to track of all types of SATCOM (Satellite Communications), either commercial or military satellites.

This beacon receiver, working in L band, is an essential element in the pursuit of a geostationary or orbiting satellite.

It can be implemented in ground station, mobile station or aboard a military vessel. It includes a highly stable synthesized oscillator frequency, down-converter and has a lock on time of a few dozen milliseconds

STR-L - STEP TRACKING RECEIVER L BAND uses the sequential amplitude detection (step-by-step technique) which aims to detect the highest received signal level by incremental motion of the antenna.



  • Delivers DC output voltage proportional to received signal strength
  • Accepts PM or BPSK input modulated carrier and includes an anti-sideband system
  • Has high performance advantage remote control/monitoring achieved via RS232 and ethernet


  • Its performance to track all types of satellite communications
  • Its flexibility in different types of implementation
  • STR-L step tracking receiver L BAND is initially developed and produced to a specific customer need. Thanks to its successful high performance functionalities, STRL step tracking receiver will respond to future customer requirements.


  • Satellite & Communication Companies
  • Defence & Space Companies
  • Space Study & Research Centers



  • European Conformity
  • ETS 300339 + NF EN 60950
  • Mechanical Vibration of shipboard equipment MIL - STD - 167 - IA

customer service

STRL TRACKING RECEIVER is worldwide supported

The global offer includes maintenance services that can be adapted to customers needs

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