ECA Group has designed the SPC300 as a profiling sonar for main sewers inspection. For most applications, it is also equipped with an hemispherical viewing colour video camera.

Its main features are :

  • Mounted on a shuttle, it can operate inside pipes on load, with internal diameter ranging from 400 to 5000 mm and over a distance up to 1200 m from the entry point ; if current is strong enough,  it can run downstream by itself ; otherwise it will be towed by a cable or an electric thruster
  • Profiler has a rotative head : it gives a sharp profile of the internal contours of the pipe and of the eventual silt deposits
  • On the surface, the sonar image is visualized in real time on a colour PC monitor.
  • ECA Group has developed a PC compatible interpreting software to calculate the volume of sediments in the main sewer from the images provided by the sonar
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Typical applications of the SPC 300 are :

  • accurate geometric control of the internal outline of main sewer lines, and measure the volume of eventual sediments deposits
  • TV inspection of the internal structures of these pipes

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