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ECA Group offers a complete training solution dedicated for Fire fighters. This simulator enables to simulate different types of vehicles that can be used whether for fire fighting or other emergency missions fire fighter can be confronted to. EF Truck XL combines immersive graphics with an integrated program designed with professional trainers, allowing a wide range of mission scenario to pratice with. Its adaptability enables trainers to easily modify missions' environment and scenarii by adding difficulties and obstacles for trainees to handle.



  • Realistic & immersive vehicles simulation
  • Powerful & versatile tool for trainers
  • Training program elaborated with professionals

High level of realism and immersion

  • Real vehicle equipment
  • High defined geospecific virtual world with different areas: city, suburb, country side, mountains
  • Weather effects simulation:
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Fog
  • Sun position effects: Drive at any time of the day
  • Localized 3D world according to the country characteristics: RHD or LHD, road signs, vehicles
  • Different types of road users:
    •  Cooperative
    • Ignorant
    • Hostile
  • Setting and triggering real intervention scenarios

A Training program for emergency professionals

Comprehensive training program designed with professional trainers. Different training content for each specifi c emergency job.

  •  Learning the vehicle characteristics:
    • Size awareness
    • Load transfer awareness
    • Cantilever management
  • Driving for a mission / Driving back from a mission:
    • Safe emergency driving
    • Processes and techniques
    • Keeping the attention high on the way back from mission
  •  Because this trade drives often with other emergency vehicles, the collective training module allows to practice with other students and simulators in the same virtual world

Fire Truck features

  • Choosing the type of vehicle:
    •  Vans
    • Truck
  • Equipment:
    • 2 tones/light command
    • Real vehicle buttons’ replica
    • Active Posture Control
  •  Driver & Team leader training:
    • Planning the route
    •  Arriving to the scene of accident as soon as possible
    • Informing the driver of the potential danger
    • Ensuring the vehicle crew safety

Instructor Tablet 

  • Setting exercise
  • Define a route
  • Supervising and triggering events
  • Replaying a driving simulation

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