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Discover the ECA Group range of solutions for the inspection of offshore platform. Two observation class ROVs which are lightweight and easy to handle vehicles permit high reactivit. These ROV are equipped with specific sensors and tools, and respectively operational to 300 and 1000m depth.

Optimal ROV solutions for underwater interventions

In case of emergency, the operation must be run very rapidly. H300 and H800 offer the advantage of being compact and lightweight, hence easy to dock on the rig, and being lightweight and easy to handle: their direct launching into the sea requires only 2 men.

ECA Group ROV systems offer high quality viewing system allowing to inspect in real time dark areas. Thanks to their powerful thrusting and their long umbilical cable.

Their cameras sensors and sonars will help to detect the intrusion of illegal divers or to identify suspect packages to prevent attacks against the platform integrity.

Securing velocity performance, reliability and very low need for maintenance, it offers high manoeuvring capabilities.

Their open frame modular design facilitates the incorporation of optional equipment to meet specific customer requirements such as :

  • can be fitted manipulation capabilities
  • a wide range of sonars, tools
  • different types of sensors for geolocalisation or navigation.
  • it can additionally provide 3D data for mapping or measurements purposes


  • Powerful while compact in size
  • Easy access to all sub-systems for maintenance
  • No need for tms cage
  • Modular and flexible design


  • Reconnaissance
  • Recovery of suspect packages

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