Discover RIS 2000, a complete system specially designed for the TV survey of the outer wall of risers or underwater pipelines. The system is used to cover a range of pipe diameter from 4.5” to 24” at a depth up to 2000 m. The underwater system is powered and operated through a common heavy work class ROV, readily available on the offshore market.


Riser inspection system rated to 2000 m

  • Riser inspection system rated to 2000 m
  • Permits TV survey of outer wall of risers AND underwater pipelines
  • For range of pipes from 4.5’’ to 24’’
  • Powered and operated through any common heavy work class ROV

Applications for Maritime Sector

Oil and Gas Market

  • Field Development - Pre & Post survey
  • Asset Integrity Management - Risers inspection & cleaning

Operational Performances

  • Operating depth: 2000 m in sea water
  • For risers or pipesfrom 4.5’’ to 24’’

Technical Specifications


The Embracer is set for 4.5” to 14” and 14” to 24” pipe ranges. It can operate either horizontally or vertically. The skin of the riser is washed thanks to a water jetting cleaning tool fitted between
the arms of the Embracer module.

  • Depth rating: 2000 m
  • Dimensions (m): 1.5 m L x 1.2 m W x 1.6 H
  • Weight in air: 305 kg
  • Weight in sea water: 0 with dead weight: 40 kg
  • TV system: 3 zoom colour TV cameras
  • 6x LED lights
  • Umbilical (Ø 52 mm) storage capacity: 20 m
  • Umbilical operational traction: 100 kg
  • Winding pulling capacity: 20 kg


The hook is designed to lift a pipeline or a riser laying on the seabed to permit the installation of the Embracer. The hook is preliminary
set in place with help of the work class ROV, and then lifted from the surface by the naval support.

  • Diameter range: 4.5” to 24”
  • Maximum weight of the hook: 320 kg
  • Lifting capacity: up to 3000 kg

System Requirements to Be Delivered by the Work Class ROV

  • Electric power: 120 VAC 700 W
  • Hydraulic power: 20 l/min at 170 bars
  • Transmission: 1 RS232 link
  • Video: 1 video channel

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