Discover Pipeline Inspector, a specially profiled ROV to operate inside plants large industrial water pipes.


Inspection, Observation, Search And Survey Within Pipe Works

  • Operable inside pipes from 550mm diameter
  • Colour TV camera on Pan & Tilt unit
  • Profiling or navigation sonar
  • 300m depth rated
  • Up to 1500m of umbilical cable

Applications for Energy & Industry Sector

  • Drinking Water Networks - TV Inspection
  • Industrial Networks - TV Inspection
  • Industrial Pipes - Inspection

Compatibility with the Pipe Cruiser Range - Work capabilities

  • Visual inspection, sonar inspection, measurement by laser.

Dimensions / Structure

  • Length: 1.20m
  • Breadth: 0.45m
  • Depth: 0.45m
  • Weight in air: 50kg
  • Structure Open frame
  • Frame and fittings Polypropyleneframe ; Stainless steel fittings

Operating Depth

  • 300m (max. distance coverage 1500 m)


  • 3 x DC thrusters: 2 x horizontal (forward thrust 11 kg) / 1 x vertical)


  • 1.5 knots forward

Buoyancy and Ballast

  • PVC foam buoyancy


  • 1kg

Instrumentation and Tools

  • Cameras/Video/Lighting: 1 x colour zoom TV camera with internal pan and tilt unit ; 2 x lights
  • Instrumentation: Pressure sensor - Profiling sonar (optional)
  • Navigation/Tracking: By means of distance counters, or Doppler sensor

Shipboard Support

  • Deployment system: winch with neutrally buoyant & braided umbilical cable, diameter 19.5 mm
  • Support ship requirements: computerised control system; area for surface unit, winch and vehicle
  • Vehicle power requirements: 230 VAC ; 3 kVA
  • Operating/maintenance: crew 1 (pilot/technician)


Remotely operated underwater vehicle specially profiled for inspection and measurements inside pipes with ID 550 mm and more, over a maximum distance of 1500 m.

  • Colour TV camera with swivelling head and measurement lasers
  • Backward B&W TV camera
  • Profiling or navigation sonar

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