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Non-visitable pipes, and in particular the waste water ducts require maintenance to detect network anomalies such as cracks, clogging, pipe deformations, presence of deposits, roots, pipe collapse or penetrating lateral pipes.

The ECA Group’s Pipe Cruiser allows a precise diagnosis of the network by identifying these anomalies and measuring them in real time.

This TV inspection system is operational on pipes with internal diameter ranging from 150 to 2000mm; it incorporates a swivelling head colour camera with built-in lights and measuring lasers, mounted on a 6-wheel drive and steerable motorized crawler. For diameters as from 250 mm, the system can incorporate a swivelling head camera with an optical 10x zoom. 

The system also measures the pipe slope and its deflection: all anomalies and measurements are traced and reported via the DIMFIS software.

The trolley is very powerful, and permits a several hundred meters travel into the pipe from the entry point; therefore, an umbilical cable up to 500m long is stored in an automatically controlled winch.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Survey of :

  • Waste water/sewerage networks : detection and measurement of  anomalies such as cracks, clogging, pipe deformations, presence of deposits, roots, pipe collapse or penetrating lateral pipes, presence of counter slope segments.
  • Drinking water networks: detection of water leakages, of inner wall deterioration such as rust,  jeopardizing the water quality.
  • Industrial pipe networks, including those of nuclear facilities: detection of sludge or other  deposits, of deterioration of the walls such as rust, pits
  • Railway drains: detection of any risk of blockages that will prevent the good evacuation of the rain water.

Pipe Cruiser is operational inside pipes with internal diameter from 150 to 2000 mm, and over distances of up to 500m from the entry point and 1000m carrying batteries pack.

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