A global trend

The worldwide need for satellite constellations , high throughput satellites (HTS), as well as for deep space missions require satellite link and payload simulators for testing multi-beam satcom systems. 

ECA Group’s PCE 600 benefits from more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of channel propagation simulators. First generation was launched in 2001 for French Space Agency to enable simulation of main Earth / Space radiofrequency phenomena encountered every day in operation.


PCE 600 – Real propagation channel emulation within lab conditions

PCE 600 is an emulator of RF signal propagation channel, capable of testing and measuring, in a lab environment, the end-to-end performances of a transmission system (from the base station to the transmitters through the payload of the satellite), by simulating real radio conditions.

Designers use ECA Group’s PCE 600 to validate the performances of an end-to-end transmission system under complex signal propagation conditions in the atmosphere and space. Satellite operators also rely on ECA Group’s PCE 600 to operate under environmental conditions of transmissions and therefore optimize the configuration of their station in the maintenance phase.

To meet these needs, ECA Group’s PCE-600 integrates tools :

  • For modeling the phenomena of signal propagation (Doppler effect, Propagation delay, Fading, scintillation, etc.),
  • The effects of RF system degradation (Phase noise for ground and payload, RF filters for satellite IMUX and OMUX payload, Amplifiers None linearity and Amplifier Adaptive Level Control for satellite payload, Multipath, Antenna effects)
  • Interference (Interferers and jammers)



Emulate both single and multi-beam satellite system

While it is designed to suit the needs of single beam satellite system emulation, ECA Group’s PCE 600 is supporting multi-beam systems limited to two groups of terminals.

Available in FLE / RFE

The FLE (forward link emulator) and RLE (return link emulator) versions allow extended emulation of multi-beam systems with 4 groups of terminals.

A flexible system to suit customer’s needs

PCE 600 is flexible as it is proposed as a basic model (one channel). Furthermore to adapt it to our customers’ need, it can be completed with a second channel (which will require a factory service).


PCE 600 unchallenged performances

The PCE - PROPAGATION CHANNEL EMULATOR range offers a unique choice of equipment to fit any need for full satellite link system emulation : - from complex multi-beam systems (forward and return link) to a single ground/satellite/ground link.

In order to emulate the satellite link, the PCE range implements an extensive set of distortions of the RF signal impairments.

Each link (station to satellite and satellite to station) can apply independent propagation impairments:


Each link (station to satellite and satellite to station) can apply independent propagation impairments:

  • Propagation delay as long as 290ms
  • Doppler effects on the carrier central frequency drift and delay variation
  • Dynamic fading emulation is compliant with fast ionospheric slew rate
  • Thermal noise of the receiver antenna on the ground and satellite segments is modelled with additive White Gaussian Noise
  •  Rx station and satellite local oscillator phase noise emulation mask can be defined on each uplink and downlink emulator
  • A static multi-path model represents conducted interferers or unwanted paths (limited to multi-beam RLE and FLE models)
  • Dynamic 40dB gain variation accounts for thermal deformation of the antenna and rain attenuation

PCE 600 offers a set of emulators representative of a satellite transponder:

  • IMUX and OMUX filters are based on complex FIR filters
  • The non-linearity of the amplifier has been drastically improved for wideband applications with interpolation up to 1.8GHz of instant bandwidth to avoid aliasing
  • Automatic Level Control complies with either transparent mode or automatic mode (analogic on-board ALC emulation)

PCE 600 also offers different kinds of interfering signals :

  • Wideband carrier generation (up to 225MHz) for co-channel and adjacent channel interferences
  • Dynamic colored noise (limited to multi-beam RLE and FLE models) can be used to emulate frequency re-use interferences in multi-beam systems



  • 600mhz wide band 
  • Channel and payload testing
  • Station rf impairments emulation
  • Imux, omux and amplifier emulation
  • Independent uplink and downlink emulation
  • Interferers and jammers emulation
  • Compact product (one single 4u case) 



Typical areas of applications include :

  • Satellite System Integration Test Bench
  • Modem Validation
  • Satellite Payload Testing
  • Earth Mobile Communication Testing
  • Failure and Degradation
  • Investigation and Diagnostic
  • Satellite System Deployment…



  • Satellite & Communication Companies
  • Defence & Space Companies
  • Space Study & Research Centers
  • Telecoms operators
  • Broadcast operators
  • Telecommunications modem manufacturers

customer support

PCE-600 is worldwide supported. ECA Group delivers product use training upon demand. The product is also proposed for rent.

To meet the needs of customers wishing to perform tests without investing in equipment, ECA Group provides test scenario emulation services on-site in Toulouse (France).


Based on Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE,

  • EMC Directive 2004/108/CE,

Complies with the following standards:

  • NF EN 60950-1 (Sept 2006):  Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: general requirements
  • NF EN 61000-6-2 (January 2006):  Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 6-2: generic standards - Immunity for industrial environments
  • NF EN 61000-6-4 (March 2007): Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 6-4: generic standards - Emission standard for industrial environments
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