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OCTOPODA 500 is an innovative concept for OPV, developed by MAURIC, ECA Group's brand for Naval Architecture.

This cost-effective solution of Offshore Patrol Vessel is specifically designed to quickly deploy unmanned vehicles and naval drones. OCTOPODA 500 is able to perform many kinds of missions for surveillance and protection or even MCM missions. Ready to be built and based on sea-proven hull form it has ideal seaworthiness high sea state in cruising speed or for UxV launch and recovery.

With the development of OCTOPODA, MAURIC and ECA Group offer completely integrated solutions comprising motherships and UMISTM systems dedicated to mine warfare. MAURIC thereby demonstrates its capacity to integrate any type of naval unmanned system (UAV, USV, AUV) to successfully conduct missions at sea while keeping crews safe and out of the minefield.


Specifically designed for typical MCM missions

For navies wishing to deploy a more sophisticated configuration of the UMISTM system, MAURIC has developed a 50 m vessel, the OCTOPODA 500, making it possible to launch and recover from an aft ramp :

According to the USV, it becomes possible to deploy up to two A9-M AUVs, as well as Identification robots and neutralisation MIDS (Mine Identification and Disposal System) consisting of up to 2 SEASCANs and 10 K-STERs. All drones are in autonomous mode to penetrate further into the minefield.

The UAV landing platform is larger and therefore makes it possible to land the IT 180 lightweight drone in more difficult sea states. The design incorporates a specific hangar with direct access to the aft deck and a control centre with a bird’s eye view of the deployment zone, the objectives of which are to simplify handling of the robots and optimise operability of the entire UMISTM system.


  • A cost effective solution specifically designed for mine counter measures missions in high seas using drones systems.
  • 50M mothership optimized for a typical MCM naval drones configuration deployment (USV, UAV, AUV, ROVS) based on ECA GROUP UMISTM system.
  • A vessel inspired by MAURIC sea proven OPV range, operating outside the minefield with  ideal seaworthiness even by high sea states.


  • Navies
  • Offshore protection operators


  • Mine Countermeasures
  • Coastal / Offshore surveillance
  • Coastal / Offshore protection
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