The world of global positioning and satellite-based global navigation has been radically changing over the past years.  ECA Group looks forward to developping its know-how in localization and transmission via satellite. It fully utilizes its capabilities in radio frequency and digital processing of signals in the space sector by offering a range of ground support equipment to ensure data transmission via satellite.



The combination of advanced technology

NAVYS project is issued from the growing needs of radio-navigation laboratories. NAVYS, ECA Group’s RF GNSS CONSTELLATION SIMULATOR, is a highly flexible simulator developed in partnership with Thales Alenia Space. ECA Group was involved in the integrated electronics, Thales Alenia Space developed the mission software.

NAVYS is able to simulate Satellite Constellations such as the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the European Union’s GALILEO System, the Russian GLONASS system, the Chinese BeiDou system, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS).


NAVYS state-of-the-art technology - a system of a high standard ensuring reliable performances

NAVYS is the perfect tool to perform advanced testing of GNSS receivers and systems. In addition to standard features such as position measurement, it allows the user to define test cases with rare perturbation patterns (for example: scenarios for space receivers involving high dynamics).



Providing enhanced accuracy and reliability

NAVYS is designed to provide multi-band GNSS signals that are highly representative of broadband satellite signals. Thanks to its generation of 48 pseudo satellites, NAVYS is a very high precision equipment (it allows positions as precise as a millimeter).

The high strength of NAVYS lies in its capability of generating a large number of multipaths, i.e. up to 8 paths for each transmitter.

Wide range of functionalities

NAVYS includes numbers of accessible functionalities, among which are spacecraft and user trajectories, atmospheric propagation phenomena (ionosphere and troposphere), multipath propagation (LOS, NLOS, user  defined model), customised signals (ranging codes, subcarriers, mapping, navigation data…).

Configurable features

The user has access to a large number of features, including the trajectories of satellites and the receiver, user trajectory, atmospheric propagation phenomena (ionosphere and troposphere), multipath propagation (LOS, NLOS, user-defined model), possibility of customised generated signals (ranging codes, subcarriers, cartography, navigation data).


Numbers of satellite signal test equipment are available on the market. ECA Group RF GNSS CONSTELLATION SIMULATOR NAVYS has unique characteristics and performs with great accuracy and liability. In addition to carry out standard functions for calculating the distance between satellites and the receiver, the Navys GNSS constellation simulator is able to run fully customized scenarios such as on-board receivers for launchers, satellites, scenarios involving strong dynamic.

NAVYS allows to take into account GNSS constellations that are not available yet.



ECA Group expertise acquired over the past 40 years

ECA Group develops, manufactures and maintains in operational conditions equipment and electronic systems for severe environments in the aerospace market for more than 40 years. ECA Group builds its reputation on skills and competencies in offering a high level of availability as a significant actor in the aerospace market.

ECA Group is focused on greater levels of precision and performance to meet demands of higher frequency bands and more challenging applications.



ECA Group delivers testing equipment to:



  • NAVYS complies with European Conformity Standards.


ECA Group’s proven technological expertise makes the RF GNSS Constellation Simulator, NAVYS, the essential choice to perform navigational tasks and to meet most of application test needs.

  • High flexibility
  • Available for GNSS signal evolution
  • 48 satellites in one box
  • Signal integrity verification
  • External prn input
  • Replay function


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