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Based on ECA Group 30 years of experience in remote controlled systems for internal inspection of pipes, and on feedback from its clients and partners, ECA Group has brought the latest technology into the Mini Pipe Cruiser system ; it   allows the inspection of any types of pipes with internal diameter ranging from 80 to 400 mm.

The swivelling colour camera incorporates lights and measurement  laser; it is mounted on a motorized 4-wheel drive crawler. For diameters above 200mm, additional lightings can be added.
The Mini Pipe Cruiser system is also fitted with a semi-rigid umbilical cable up to 200 m long, and with an automatically controlled winch.

This  compact shape robot is fully portable.


Inspection of any kind of pipe with internal diameter ranging from 80 to 400mm, and in particularly hostile environments.  The camera :

  •  is mounted on a motorized trolley for diameter ranging from 100 to 400 mm; 
  • is pushed by a semi-rigid cable for diameter ranging from 80 to 250 mm.

This system is ideal for inspecting the lateral pipes which connect the habitations to the main sewer line.

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