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Discover the ECA Group, range of solutions for the protection of harbour by light ROV. Tree observation class ROVs quickly put in water for reactive intervention  and respectively operational up to 3 and 4 kn current.

ECA Group's suite of dedicated ROV's offers an optimal Harbor Protection solution : SeaScan, Roving Bat and H300 MK2.


Optimal ROV solutions for underwater interventions

In case of emergency, the operation must be run very rapidly. ECA GROUP ROVs are compact,lightweight, and easy to handle.

ECA Group ROV systems offer high quality viewing system allowing to inspect in real time dark areas.

Their cameras sensors and sonars will help to prevent attacks against the platform integrity. They can draw a quick and accurate inspection of underwater structures and data acquisition enabling a rapid and appropriate decision adapted to the situation.

Securing velocity performance, reliability and very low need for maintenance, it offers high manoeuvring capabilities.



  • Strong current platform inspection against potential threats
  • Turbulent water operation
  • Asset inspection capabilities
  • Real time video and sonar supervision


  • Long-range inspections
  • Unerwater infrastructure intervention

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