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K-STER C vehicle is a lightweight expendable mine disposal vehicle dedicated to underwater mine warfare missions. This MIDS solution allows to remotely neutralise a sea mine while keeping crews out of the minefield. The user-friendly command and control software offers auto piloting functions and allows to conduct the operation in a safe way from deployment to the final firing.

It is fitted with a shape charge in a tiltable head to aim at the target to dispose of.


Neutralise a sea mine from a safe stand-off spot

K-STER is an expendable mine disposal system developed by ECA GROUP in 2008. Inheriting from the mine disposal system PAP and integrating the latest technologies and R&D development, this Remotely Operated Vehicle is sea proven. Operators can run the drone from a command and control unit located outside of the minefield, whether onboard a ship or from the land. The K-STER can be automatically deployed from an USV platform.

Designed with tiltable shape charge, the K-STER can neutralise all kinds of mines from seabottom mines, floating mines, historical mines to the smartest mines. Its unique propulsion architecture allows to stand strong water currents and approach the mine to its closest. Safety characteristics includes insensitive ammunition & multi-pole safety interlocks until the final firing.


The ideal solution for sea mine neutralisation in strong currents

K-STER C unique architecture ensures second to none performances in terms of hovering capability and stability in turbulent water.

Its patented tilting head containing the shaped charge and its battery power supply allow the K-STER C to be used in high currents (up to 4 kn) and to neutralize all types of mines including partially buried mines, making it the most efficient mine neutralization system on the market.

The K-STER C vehicle incorporates a powerful shaped charge made of highly insensitive explosive used for torpedoes shaped charges.


NATO standards compliant

The K-STER C has been developed and qualified to comply with NATO standards governing the safety of underwater munitions. Its design and qualification have been assessed by DGA/IPE in France as well as the relevant authorities of the British (DOSG) and Singaporean (DSTA) Ministries of Defence.

ECA Group's K-STER solution is compliant to NATO standards thanks to the integration of the most advanced technologies in term of reduced acoustic and magnetic signatures.


In service in 20 Navies worldwide

Leveraging on the success of PAP launched in the 70's and still in service today, the K-STER solution equips several navies worldwide and has been recently chosen in 2019 by the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies as part of the modernisation program of their MCM Capabilities.

In total, ECA Group MIDS ROV solutions equip 20 navies across the world.


Easily integrated into a system of drones: UMISTM

The K-STER MIDS ROV can also be integrated in a collaborative system of drones UMISTM, and can thus be automatically be deployed by an USV. These mine neutralization systems can be deployed for ECA Group USVs:  INSPECTOR 90, INPECTOR 120 and INPECTOR 125.

All operations can be planned, run and analysed through a common interface software UMISOFTTM allowing the simultaneous use of several drones during all the phases of MCM operations, in a user-friendly way.



  • Light, Efficient Mine Disposal System (MDS)
  • Tiltable Warhead To Aim Accurately At Any Target
  • Shaped Charge Filled With Insensitive Explosive For Disposal Of Modern Mines By Full Detonation
  • High Hovering Performance In Strong Tide And Current
  • Lightweight Self-­Propelled Remotely Operated Vehicle Easy To Deploy From Various Naval Platform: MCMV, RHIB OR USV
  • Crew Safe Operation


  • Navies
  • Defence operators


  • Underwater Mine Counter Measures

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