Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ solution for the TV inspection and measurement of underground mine & geological cavities: a system which permits the TV inspection and the 3D laser measurement within cavities or sinkholes.

Applications for Energy and Industry sector

  • Water boreholes
  • Gas storage & others
  • Underground cavities & sinkhole


  • Tv inspection and 3d laser measurement of underground cavities namely mine workings
  • Collection of punctual distance data
  • Operational for depth up to 500 m
  • Requires only a 100 mm borehole (inner diameter)

TV inspection of the underground cavity

  • A zoom colour TV camera incorporated inside a Pan & Tilt head with unlimited (CW and CCW) rotation
  • The viewing head incorporates frontal LED lights and 3 pairs of radial LED lights set up at 60°, 90° and 120°, plus a pair of axial LED lights, thus covering a large zone of the cavity
  • Images are viewed on the control unit monitor

3D laser measurement of the cavity

  • A laser range finder and pointer is incorporated in the front of the Pan & Tilt head
  • The range is 0 to 80 m
  • Laser pointer is of Class 2
  • Scanning can be operated in spherical or cylindrical mode
  • A dedicated software package permits the laser data collection and processing, thus yielding a 3D representation of the cavity on the PC monitor

Operating Mode

  • BH Viewer 3D (OD 93mm) requires only a 100 mm inner diameter borehole
  • Hangs on a 200 m or 500 m armoured umbilical cable which is stored on a specific motorized winch
  • Compatible with BH Viewer 500 system
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