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Discover the ECA Group solution for the expertise of hull and vertical structures during during search and rescue operations. The ECA Group hybrid vehicle swims as an ROV, and, when reaching the vertical structure, crawls along it while remaining, even in rough sea conditions, firmly stuck onto it thanks to a strong thrust.

Applications for Maritime activity

  • Subsea Inspection & Work

Applications for Defence & Security activities

  • Search & rescue for Naval forces
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Surveillance & equipment


ROVING BAT : Multi purpose hybrid ROV + crawler

  • It swims, tilts, rolls, sticks and crawls thanks to:
    • 6 very strong thrusters
    • 2 sets of motorized tracks
  • It inspects and measures thanks to TV cameras and various sensors
  • Auto docking function on vertical surfaces or underneath horizontal surfaces

Range of solutions achieved by Roving Bat :

  • TV inspection
  • Thickness and NDT measurements
  • Cleaning

TV inspection

The ROVING BAT-INS is equipped with TV cameras for the visual inspection of the hull structural integrity. Also, equipped with an imaging sonar (BlueView, Didson...); the inspection in very high turbidity water is possible.

Thickness measurement

The ROVING BAT can carry several NDT sensors used to validate the conformity of a vessel, verify structural integrity, assess corrosion and wear; such as:

  • Several aligned hull thickness measurement sensors (UT probes)
  • Others NDT sensors (CP probe...) mountable on 5-function manipulator arm for measurement of elements difficult to reach.

Hull cleaning

The ROVING BAT-CLEAN is equipped with TV cameras and a cleaning system for the removal of all biological growth w/o significant impact on antifouling coating.

Challenge for both applications

remains onto the hull surface The powerful thrust from its 4 vertical thrusters will secure that the Roving Bat sticks onto the hull while in operation, even in strong current conditions.

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