Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ H300-OR, Observation Class ROV system dedicated for object recovery up to 300m depth. Modular and easily configured according to your needs thanks to a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors.


  • Standard version highly equipped in viewing and sonar systems
  • 5 function electric arm
  • Wide range of additional sensors
  • Other manipulator arms

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

  • Object recovery
  • Harbour protection
  • Coastal protection
  • Black box recovery

Applications for Maritime Sector

  • Underwater inspections & survey for subsea works: Wreck expertise inspection
  • Subsea works: Object recovery

Configure as per your needs

H300-OR is modular and can be equipped with a large range of additional equipment for object recovery:

  • Viewing system: rear and 3D TV cameras, and digital still camera
  • Scanning sonar
  • Two 5 function arms mounted on skid

A single and ergonomic control unit allows the control of both ROV and additional equipment (Explosion Proof version available as option). The umbilical cable is housed on a manual winch, easy to transport, and equipped with a slip ring assembly (pneumatic version available as option).

Operational performances

  • Movements: in three axis, plus rotation on its own axis
  • Forward speed: 3.5 knots (in 0 knot current)
  • Operating depth: 300 m in sea water
  • Lifting capacity: up to 10 kg with 5 functions arm
  • Payload: 8 kg with removal of whole ballast

Technical specifications


General characteristics

  • Dimensions (mm): 900 L x 470 H x 600 W
  • Weight in air: 70 kg excluding optional equipment
  • Material: polypropylene frame, SS fittings


  • Horizontal: 2 thrusters; forward thrust: 34 kg
  • Vertical: 1 thruster; thrust: 17 kg
  • Lateral: 1 thruster; thrust: 17 kg

Telemetry unit

  • Communication through RS485 data unit
  • Advanced power management system
  • Extra data link for sonar and NDT

Viewing and sonar systems

Inspection TV camera on P&T unit

  • 10x zoom colour TV camera and two LED lights mounted on Pan & Tilt unit (Pan 140°; tilt 120°)
  • Laser beams for 2D measurement

Navigation TV camera

  • Low light B/W on top of vehicle
  • Sensitivity: 3.10-4 lux


  • Two fixed LED lights (4000 lm), variable intensity

Scanning /navigation sonar

  • To be selected among range of 3 different types


  • Auto Heading / Auto Depth
  • Other sensors: Inside temperature - Water ingress - Amperage feedback

Manipulator arm

  • 5 function electric arm (single or dual) mounted on skid

Optional equipment

Incorporated on ROV

  • HD or 3D color TV camera, rear B/W TV camera
  • High resolution digital still camera with flash gun
  • Scanning sonar and side scan sonar
  • Imaging sonar and echoscope
  • Altimeter (with auto altitude function)
  • USBL or LBL positioning system
  • Fiber Optical Gyrocompass
  • Xenon strobe and acoustic pinger recovery unit

Mounted on additional skids

  • 5 function full electric manipulator arm or a 5 function hydraulic manipulator arm
  • Basket for object recovery


  • Fiber optical umbilical cable (up to 1500 m length) mounted on motorized winch
  • Dead weight or ROV deployment cage for tether management
  • Mechanical Lock Latch system

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