H2000-W is a 2000 M Work class ROV for wreck inspection. This ECA Group Hytec™ ROV solution is dedicated to wreck expertise and close inspection to held identifying causes of accidents, inspection of archeological wrecks and recover objects or samples. Modular and easy to configure, it can be equipped with a wide range of sonars, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors


  • Standard version equipped with: High performance viewing system & sonar; 2 manipulators & set of hydraulic tools
  • Wide range of additional sensors as option
  • Easy access to all sub-systems for maintenance
  • Air transportable
  • TMS and launch & recovery system
  • Control unit & service container
  • Validated & used by French navy

Applications for Defense & Security Sector

  • Wreck expertise inspection

Operational performances

  • Movements: in three axis, plus rotation on its own axis
  • Forward speed: 3 knots in operational conditions
  • Operating depth: 2000 m in sea water
  • Stability: inherent low center of gravity
  • Payload: 80 kg

Technical specifications

H2000 ROV Vehicle

General characteristics

  • Dimensions (m): 2.00 L x 1.24 W x 1.15 H
  • Weight in air: 900 kg
  • Power requirement (ROV + TMS): 40 kVA


6x DC thrusters:

  • 4x horizontal vectored (260 kg forward thrust)
  • 2x vertical (170 kg thrust)

Viewing & navigation systems and sensors

  • Hydraulic pan & tilt unit with: 1x color zoom TV camera with laser; 2x variable intensity 7300 lm LED lights
  • 2x fixed very low light Black & White TV camera
  • 4x fixed variable intensity 4200 lm LED lights
  • 2x upwards looking dome color TV cameras
  • Color TV camera mounted on manipulator arm
  • Auto heading/Auto depth
  • Dual frequency detection sonar 325/675 kHz
  • USBL or LBL positioning system
  • Altimeter with auto altitude function
  • Target relocation system: ROV Homer
  • VHS radio beacon and acoustic pinger recovery unit


  • Hydraulic power unit and valve pack
  • 1x 7-function and 1x 5-function manipulators
  • Set of hydraulic tools such as blade/disc cutter, gripping tool

Tether Management System


  • 130 m of neutral tether on hydraulic winch
  • ROV safety locking system
  • 4x low light Black & White TV cameras for survey of environment and locking monitoring

Launch and Recovery System

With 2200 m of electromechanical umbilical cable

  • Hydraulic winch and A frame. Overall dimensions (m): 6.05 L x 2.44 W
  • A frame deployment: 3.3 m
  • Power requirement: 35 kVA

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