H2000-CT is a Work Class ROV System for cable and pipe tracking, dedicated to the tracking of burried energy and telecommunications cables. ECA Group Hytec™ ROV H2000-CT is modular and easily configured. It can be equipped with a wide range of sonars, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors


  • Standard version equipped with: High performance viewing system & sonar; 2 manipulators & set of hydraulic tools
  • Wide range of additional sensors
  • Easy to access to all sub-systems for maintenance
  • Air transportable
  • TMS and launch & recovery system
  • Control unit & service container

Applications for Maritime Sector

  • Energy & Telecommunications cables: Cable tracking & buried cables tracking

Operational performances

  • Movements: in three axis, plus rotation on its own axis
  • Forward speed: 3 knots in operational conditions
  • Operating depth: 2000 m in sea water
  • Stability: inherent low center of gravity
  • Payload: 80 kg

Technical specifications

H2000 ROV Vehicle

General characteristics

  • Dimensions (m): 2.00 L x 1.24 W x 1.15 H
  • Weight in air: 900 kg
  • Power requirement (ROV + TMS): 40 kVA


6x DC thrusters:

  • 4x horizontal vectored (260 kg forward thrust)
  • 2x vertical (170 kg thrust)

Viewing & navigation systems and sensors

  • Hydraulic pan & tilt unit with: 1x colour zoom TV camera with laser; 2x variable intensity 7300 lm LED lights
  • 2x fixed very low light Black & White TV camera
  • 4x fixed variable intensity 4200 lm LED lights
  • 2x upwards looking dome color TV cameras
  • Color TV camera mounted on manipulator arm
  • Auto heading/Auto depth
  • Dual frequency detection sonar 325/675 kHz
  • USBL or LBL positioning system
  • Altimeter with auto altitude function
  • Target relocation system: ROV Homer
  • VHS radio beacon and acoustic pinger recovery unit


  • Hydraulic power unit and valve pack
  • 1x 7-function and 1x 5-function manipulators

Tether Management System


  • 130 m of neutral tether on hydraulic winch
  • ROV safety locking system
  • 4x low light Black & White TV cameras for survey of environment and locking monitoring

Launch and Recovery System

With 2200 m of electromechanical umbilical cable

  • Hydraulic winch and A frame. Overall dimensions (m): 6.05 L x 2.44 W
  • A frame deployment: 3.3 m
  • Power requirement: 35 kVA
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