With its internal long endurance battery the HROV is a self-propelled underwater vehicle which can be used as a Remotely Operated Vehicle, ROV, as well as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV.
Equipped with high resolution sensors and powerful electrical arms the HROV can be used for survey, inspection or intervention in depth down to 2500 m.

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  • Compact, modular & flexible
  • Deployable from ship of opportunity
  • No need of DP platform
  • Hybrid deep water vehicle
  • Scientific and SAR operations

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

  • Object recovery
  • Coastal seabed survey
  • Wreck expertise inspection
  • Platform inspection
  • Deep water survey for platform inspection
  • Black box recovery
  • Offshore wreck expertise inspection

Applications for Maritime Sector

  • Inspection / Observation for Subsea Inspection & Work
  • FPSO, rigs protection: Platform surveillance and response systems
  • Underwater inspection and survey: Wreck expertise inspection
  • Object recovery (Subsea works)
  • Immerged Structures (Hydraulic dams, Wind farms, Fish farms, turbines) inspection: Windfarm inspection and monitoring


  • Remotely or autonomous operations
  • Seafloor and relief survey
  • Deep inspection
  • Intervention on wreck and structure
  • Debris and object recover


  • Dimensions (mm): 2800 L x 1850 W x 2300 H
  • Weight in air: 1550 to 1780kg according to payload
  • Material: Stainless steel structure + GRP

Technical Specifications

  • Propulsion: 2 vectored thrusters; 2 lateral thrusters; 2 vertical thrusters
  • Forward speed: Up to 2 knots relative to current/ Up to 1.7 knots vertical
  • Endurance: Up to 12 h
  • Payload: Up to 210 kg (on air)/ Up to 120 kg (in water)
  • Operational depth: 0 to 2500 m (with depressor)/ 0 to 300 m (without depressor)

Operational performances

Easy transportable to working area the HROV can be operated from ship of opportunity without dynamic positioning or heavy handling equipment. Its hybrid design and integrated power battery allow remotely operation from the surface through single optical fiber or fully autonomous intervention supervised through acoustic communication.

Proposed equipment

  • Horizontal and vertical DVL
  • Multiple PTZ video cameras
  • Synchronized strobe lights
  • One 5 axis electric arm
  • One 7 axis electric arm


  • Side Scan Sonar (SSS)
  • Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES)
  • Recovery net
  • Others on request

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