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ECA Group A320 Flight Training Device breaks down into two products for the benefit of simulator operators. One size does not fit all and requirements can be different from one training provider to another. ECA Group understood this need and therefore provides two solutions adapted to meet the perfect compromise between the highest quality and a restricted budget.



ECA Group A320 Flight Training Devices feature type-specific cockpit replicas, placing trainees into the most immersive environment. Dedicated to flight crew training, the solutions offer the following training capabilities:

  • Preflight procedures
  • Surface operations (pre-take-off and post landing)
  • Takeoff and departure phase (normal, abnormal and emergency)
  • In flight manoeuvers
  • Instrument Approaches and Landing (normal, abnormal and emergency)
  • Visual Approaches and Landing (*)
  • Any flight phase – normal, abnormal and emergency procedures

(*) If option is selected


  • Excellent return on investment
  • Wide scope of associated training events (normal, abnormal, emergency)
  • High fidelity simulation software matching the need for the most accurate training
  • Best compromise between fidelity and cost-efficiency on hardware replicas
  • Multiple options available for the best fit to client's needs

certification levels

ECA Group A320 Flight Training Devices can be qualified with the following accreditations:

    • FTD Level 1
    • FTD Level 2
  • FAA 14 CFR Part 60
    • Level 4
    • Level 5
    • Level 6 
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