A350 Flight Management System Trainer is ECA Group solution to training centers’ need for A350 FMS familiarization tools. It offers a free play and accurate simulation for a cost effective pricing, bringing a great added value before entering into simulators expensive sessions. Pilots’ transition to A350 complex flight management system is smoothly performed thanks to an easy-to-use interface and a complete set of available functions.

Available on several platforms

  • A350 Flight Management System Trainer (FMS/T) can run on tablets, laptops and desktop PC


  • Developed thanks to strong experience acquired with existing range of products
  • Quick return on investment by reducing FFS sessions
  • Provides wide flexibility of training methods
  • Accelerates transition training for pilots moving to glass-cockpit
  • Enhances classroom instruction
  • Improves learning process


  • Use of Customer’s Navigation Database
  • Native OS environment (Windows or iOS)
  • Lesson Plan capability
  • All flight phases simulated
  • Full support of AMI & OPC options

Training improvement

A350 FMS Trainer provides a truly free play simulation of the Flight Management Guidance System. This high-fidelity trainer is the right tool to understand system philosophy, mechanization and skills.  A dynamic aircraft model coupled with high-fidelity simulation of FMS ensures all operations to be performed throughout a complete flight. It therefore allows accelerating the transition of pilots to today’s sophisticated glass-cockpit aircrafts, leading to reduction of operational costs for airlines and training organizations.


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