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Flight Management System Trainers are ECA Group solutions to training centers’ need for FMS familiarization tools. They offer a fully free play and accurate simulation for the most cost-effective pricing, bringing a true added value before entering into simulators expensive sessions. Pilots’ transition to complex aircraft flight management system is smoothly performed thanks to an easy-to-use interface and a complete set of available functions.


ECA GROUP FMST range - A quality training anytime anywhere

The easy-to-use web interface and a complete set of available functions allows pilots to train on a wide range of procedures as well as on a wide range of aircrafts.

The FMST system is easily accessible and run from mobile devices such as tablet and laptops and can also be run on desktop PC to suit the needs of both training centers and students.

It can be also coupled with MCDU and FCU hardware replicas and the pilots are able to be trained on their procedures by using their own airline Navigation Database.




ECA Group Flight Management System Trainers feature optimized layout of required panels to study preflight and inflight procedures. Dedicated to flight crew training, the solutions offer the following training capabilities:

  • CDU/FMS/AFS familiarization
  • All flight phases simulated
  • Takeoff and departure phase (normal, abnormal and emergency)
  • Use of Customer’s Navigation Database
  • Lesson plan (reload any saved situation instantly)
  • Guided practice


  • Type Rating (Initial Training)
  • Jet Transition / Entry Level Training
  • APS
  • Use of Customer’s Navigation Database
  • MPL FSTD Phase 3 and 4)
  • FFS Debriefing



Simulated Aircraft types



  • A300-600
  • A310
  • A320 (Thales & Honeywell)
  • A330 (Thales & Honeywell)
  • A330 (Thales & Honeywell)
  • A350


  • B737 Classic
  • B737NG
  • B747
  • B757
  • B767
  • B777
  • MD11
  • MD80/90


  • CRJ200
  • CRJ700


  • ERJ 135
  • ERJ 145


  • F100

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