ECA Group fixed multi Influence range system is a solution engineered specifically to reduce the risk against underwater mines of any vessel of the maritime and defense sector. The Acoustic, Pressure, Magnetic and Electric signatures of the vessels are acquired, analysed and processed through specific softwares having modelling capability in order to assess the risk and then to protect the vessel in operation.

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ECA-GROUP-WEBINAR-VIGNETTE-How to protect effectively your naval assets from Magnetic Anomaly Detectors or mines
WEBINAR - Dec.09, 2020 - How to protect effectively your naval assets from... DEFENCE & SECURITY

Participate to our webinar to learn more about How to protect effectively your naval assets from Magnetic Anomaly...

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EURONAVAL 2018 | 25 October | ECA Group Conference: Multi-influence solutions... DEFENCE & SECURITY

Attend ECA Group Conference on October 25th  2018, from 2.00 to 2.20 p.m. to talk about ECA Group Conference:...

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L'Usine Nouvelle: interview Guenaël Guillerme, Manager Director of Eca... DEFENCE & SECURITY

For l'Usine Nouvelle, Guénaël Guillerme describe the ECA Group international business strategy and the...

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