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Exail offers Navy standard compliant static converters for harsh environments while ensuring safety conditions for both equipment and operators.

Exail range of static converters is a suitable energy conversion solution which has been sea proven. It can be easily fitted inside submarines as they can be dismantled into sub-assemblies, thanks a plug and play installation.


A simple-to-use solution for energy system optimisation

These converters provide user-friendly solution for local and remote control as well as monitoring. It is an advanced technological solution to replace existing converters, as it can be fitted into existing submarine interfaces. Exail's static converters thus allow to optimize the energy system.

They convert DC voltage into AC with power up to 60kVA, or DC to DC yielding up to 125kW.

Exail's static converters is a reliable solution that have been designed with electrical and thermal protections for equipment and operator safety. It is a sustainable solution that comes with a dedicated support, training and maintenance.



  • Optimisation of the energy system onboard
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Plug and play installation
  • Life cycle support from design to sea acceptance test
  • Advanced training and long-term maintenance

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