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With its stratospheric balloon service, ECA Group enables customers to access the stratosphere. The balloons (3 kg payload) are filled with helium, they fly up to 30kms high and and can cover a distance of 200km. Depending on the wind, they can be up in the stratosphere for 1 or 2 hours.

ECA Group has 30 years of experience in stratospheric on-board electronics involving Telemetry, Tracking & Control systems. The company has thus developed the technological skills to meet specific needs for numerous industrial, military, and scientific missions using stratospheric balloons. Those customer-centric missions include: nanosatellite and high altitude equipment testing, emergency telecommunication,  discrete surveillance, earth observation, and environmental measurements.

All these fields of applications require operating in the stratosphere, the second layer of the atmosphere starting at 10 km above the ground at middle latitudes.

The balloon service can also be used for many other activities, for example as an original brand marketing tool to allow a customer to promote his product in an unusual manner above the planet. 

ECA Group offers a complete cost-efficient service to access the stratosphere, which involves:

  • Handling end-to-end flight management of dilatable stratospheric balloons of 3 kg lightweight payloads (with a forthcoming payload capacity of 15Kg)
  • Positioning a payload between 20 and 30km altitude
  • Assuring safe missions (double board/ground links RF and satellites)
  • Delivering a service in compliance with EU 923/2012 air regulations
  • Helium inflated stratospheric dilatable balloon 



  • Payload Tests: Balloon Equipment, Nanosat Equipment, Field tests in upper athmosphere
  • Telecommunication: GSM emergency network, IoT network, Link budget in open field
  • Earth observation: Disaster (volcanic eruption, forest fire, tsunami), Security (boarder, sea, rescue)
  • Environmental Research and Measures: Air quality, climate research 
  • More: Education, Marketing & Communication Events using stratospheric video clips


  • Military 
  • Civilian - civil security
  • Industry
  • University
  • Science
  • Communication Services 


  • Air regulation EU 923/2012
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