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EF-CAR REHAB driving simulator is a clinical application of training for drivers with specific needs, disabilities or deficiencies. This training simulator enables to evaluate and test patient's capacities of driving a car. ECA GROUP has developed a dedicated driving simulation solution including various modules and specific rehab equipment. The EF-CAR REHAB driving simulator offers a specific driving training program for motor analysis, cognitive, visual, affective and behavior in a realistic environment. Moreover, the patient will be encouraged to master his disabilities and offset his deficiency.


Dedicated modules for a complete physical assessment

The EF-Car Rehab is an advanced simulator for a realistic driving experience in a virtual world. It provides a complete therapeutic program to do physical assessments:

  • The Motor skills module assesses the physical abilities of the patient to use the various elements of the driving cab.
  • The Reaction time module tests the patient's capacities regarding braking reaction times.
  • The Cognitive abilities module assesses the capacities of the patient to remain concentrated on a driving objective: keeping his lane position and maintaining his speed.
  • The Visual capabilities module tests the visual acuity of the patient and his reactions to a specific driving environment.
  • The Affective capacity module tests the reactions of the patient to specific situations.
  • The Behaviour evaluation tests the emotional stability of the patient when facing situations of risk.


The EF-Car Rehab is also equipped with the most advanced smart and safe driving aids that permits to evaluate the ability to drive with limited access to some part of the patient bodies:  determining the equipment configuration and ensuring the driving skills are preserved.


Integrated equipment

The equipment integrated on the EF-Car Rehab are multiple:

  • Secondary driving controls that provide drivers who can use only one arm or hand with a simple and comprehensive solution to operate all the vehicle’s controls and help steer with a single hand thanks to a device located on the left or right of the steering wheel, in fixed or pivotal mode.
  • Electronic left foot accelerator for drivers who are unable to operate the pedals with their right foot, adding a left foot accelerator system.
  • Ring accelerator that replaces the right foot accelerator pedal and installed over the steering wheel is used for drivers with restricted leg mobility.
  • Manual accelerator and/or break handle located on the sides of the steering wheel for drivers with no or limited use of their legs. It is operated by pushing/pulling or tuning (according to the model) on the control mounted to replace the accelerator and/or brake pedals



  • Driving simulator for persons with reduced mobility

  • Evaluate the patient abilities

  • Develop confidence and autonomy

  • Overcome disabilities and compensate deficits


Applications for Driving Simulation

  • Car Driving Simulators: Simulation Training Systems for Persons with Reduced Mobility (Initial/ advanced driving training)
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