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Ex hazardous industrial sites, such as offshore drilling and production platforms, oil refineries, petrochemical plants or gas storage areas, require, for safety reasons, an overall visual survey of their operational area. To do so, a fully Explosion proof  certified panoramic viewing TV system is required.   
As an attractive substitute to the traditional  bulky and heavy systems using an external Pan/Tilt unit, the ECA Group solution is a compact and much lighter system based on a single colour zoom camera  incorporating a built-in swiveling  head and thus covering a large zone of surveillance.

The camera will be placed, hanging down, on top of a dominating mast :

  • In viewing head vertical position, it will survey  the whole zone underneath it
  • in viewing head lateral/rotating mode, its 10x optical zoom permits a panoramic survey of the whole hazardous industrial zones.                                                                                             

Its night and day function permits a 24/7 operation.                                                                     
This very compact zoom colour TV camera DTR 100 Z ADF is classified under ATEX standards either Ex d IIC T5 or Ex d IIC T6, according to version (cable gland or connector).                                                                                                                        
Versus the traditional solution of an Ex camera mounted on an Ex P/T unit, the compact DTR 100Z ADF offers the following advantages:

  • Volume and weight reduced by a factor of 10
  • Elimination of the external cable linking the camera to the P/T unit
  • Absence of any external movement
  • Excellent tolerance to harsh environment: chemicals, climate…
  • Waterproof IP 68 - 5 bar
  • Preset positions of pan, tilt, zoom and focus.
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DTR 100 Z ADF is dedicated to the surveillance of industrial sites, especially in environments presenting an explosive risk; it performs TV Surveillance or Areas Survey missions. Such a system will serve in many different industrial facilities such as :

  • petrochemical plants,
  • gas storage areas,
  • transportation units,
  • offshore platforms,
  • drilling rigs or drill ships,
  • silos…

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