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Developed by Exail for submarines and ships, the deperming system accurately applies a magnetic treatment all around the hull. Neither divers nor cable wrapping are needed. The solution includes degaussing system calibration and checking, fixed magnetic ranging, Earth's field compensation loop and requires low maintenance. A software application suite is included to manage the system.



The overrun station operates without any cable-wrapping operations. The treatment loop and sensors are fixed so displacement-related damages are avoided and maintenance is reduced.

The ship or submarine have to run above the range to be treated:

  • above the sensor networks to compute the magnetic signature
  • above the treatment loop to realize the deperming operation

The ship’s trajectory is determined with DGPS receivers and visualized with MapsDRS software module.

The total duration of a deperming operation is less than 4 hours.

The over-run treatment range can be combined with a multi-influence range: acoustic, magnetic, electric and pressure.


  • Magnetic treatment of both submarines and frigates of any displacement
  • Fastest treatment time
  • High precision of measurement and treatment
  • Can be combined with range multi-­influence
  • Degaussing system calibration & checking
  • Low maintenance needs


The treatment and ranging trajectory is defined accordingly to the network of sensors (generally E-W and N-S).The ship’s trajectory is visualized in real-time with MapsDRS software module.

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