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ECA Group designs and manufactures mission on-board equipment to interface, monitor or control specific mission equipment or aircraft system.

ECA Group offers a wide range of qualified and certified on board equipment to civil and military  aerospace manufacturers.

Using innovative technology, ECA Group delivers mission on-board equipment that can be developed to meet specific requirements.

We fully manage our product obsolescence by mastering critical component usage and software upgrades.

Our experience in management of major projects combining electronic and mechanical skills as well as our knowledge of military environment, give ECA Group a unique position to provide reliable Line Replaceable Units.


flight control unit

Embedded in a military helicopter cockpit the flight control system unit includes control devices required for the management of the flight control system configuration.These control devices enable to select primary flight control system and automatic flight control system modes of operation. Visual indicators help visualize current flight configuration.The ECA Group has developed and qualified this on-board equipment and carries out manufacturing, support and maintenance with the highest quality standards.


ECA Group has carried out the development, validation, qualification and manufacturing of an on-board equipment interfacing the weapon and navigation system with a missile. This project highlights the ECA Group expertise in hardware design, PCB routing, software and on-board equipment.

video coupling unit

This compact and rugged video coupling unit is used on military aircraft and can duplicate up to 12 analog video signals.It can also perform video filtering for each channel


The ventilation management unit is an on-board equipment used for avionics bay ventilation. In order to ventilate critical computers installed in the avionics bay, this equipment is highly reliable.

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