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Cameleon E, with its 25 kg payload, embeds the full range of equipment to support EOD/IEDD operations: manipulator arm, water disrupter, X-Ray sensor, fiber optic link, night and day vision. The Operator Control Unit was specially designed to be simple and user-friendly. The UGV CAMELEON E has been supporting force protection units by providing situational awareness for over 10 years. This combat proven solution equips many armed forces worldwide and has recently been involved alongside the French Army’s Barkhane operations in Sahel. The CAMELEON UGV also equips civil protection operators, including the French and Hungarian police units.

The UGV Cameleon E was designed to meet the most demanding requirements for EOD and counter IED operations. This easy-to-use UGV can be quickly deployed on-field thanks to its unique “plug and play system” allowing a fast equipment of a wide range of payloads: including range of cameras, jaws and disruptors to fit according to the mission. Thus, its equipment does not affect the tempo of the mission.

Human exposure to danger is drastically reduced and allows the operator to conduct their mission in a a safe way, remotely controlling the UGV from outside of the danger zone.


Typical missions

The CAMELEON E has been widely recognized for its efficiency in regards to conducting surveillance & reconnaissance, CBRNe inspection and IED/EOD missions:

  • Car / luggage / suspect package / inspection
  • Dangerous duty operations
  • EOD/IEDD detection & neutralization
  • Reconnaissance before intervention and CBRN analysis
  • Trap removal / bomb disposal
  • Route opening and convoy protection

From search and localization to the neutralization of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), ECA GROUP's UGVs allow to save lives and reduce human exposure to danger.

compatibility with eca group range

  • ECA GROUP now offers the CAMELEON E MK3, a new version with enhanced performances, with an intuitive user interface that is now compatible with ECA GROUP’s entire and wide range of UGVs.
  • As well, the CAMELEON  is fully compatible with the UAV IT180, which can be used in collaborating mode on the battlefield in order to give tactical feedback to the operator.


  • Compatible range :1 payload needed for 2 different platforms = reduced cost for global acquisition
  • Reduced down-time thanks to plug and play architecture
  • A common and easy-to-use interface for 2 robots
  • Reduced logistic footprint
  • Less need for training
  • Reduced maintenance costs


The UGV is equipped with all last sensors, manipulators and accessories such as:

  • Manipulator arms
  • Water disrupters
  • X-ray sensors
  • Cameras for an optimal teleoperation
  • Fiber optic link in case of radio jamming

operational performances

  • Safe and efficient neutralization
  • Quick deployment on-field
  • Man transportable
  • Easy to use
  • Light maintenance
  • Stair climbing


  • Operational in less than 3 minutes
  • Light weight
  • Modular design
  • Hot plug mission module
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Rugged system
  • Night vision
  • Easy configuration without tools

Applications for Defence & Security Sector

Homeland Security

Critical infrastructure protection - Mass transportation security

Law enforcement - Police

Major events security- IED and bomb disposal


Land Forces

Force Protection - EOD & Counter IED

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