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ECA Group’s BH Viewer 500 t was designed to conduct precise TV inspection and measurements inside water boreholes. It can operate inside boreholes up to 500 m deep and with internal diameter ranging from 2 to 48''.

It uses a standard multi-conductor umbilical cable, and a standard control unit (the same ones as used with the Pipe Cruiser range, for the pipes inspection).

The standard system, for borehole diameter as from 4'', incorporates a swiveling head HD colour TV camera, embedded with lasers, thus performing a complete and advanced diagnosis of the boreholes state. Sensors can be added in order to evaluate the inclination and the trajectory inside the borehole.

For smaller diameters, from 2" to 5'', and thanks to the versatility of this system, the same umbilical cable can be connected to frontal viewing cameras, in colour or monochrome versions. BH Viewer 500 system is the most widely used within this range ; it is operational inside boreholes with internal diameter from 2'' to 48'' and with a depth up to 500m.

Whatever camera used, the system relays very accurate information from measurement and TV inspection, which are processed on real time via the reporting software FORASOFT.

The BH Viewer 500 system is also compatible with logging probes from the main international manufacturers, and which will be installed as a substitute to the camera.



  • Large range of TV cameras
  • Report inspection software
  • Orientation and inclination module
  • Logging probes compatible
  • Pipe Cruiser range compatible


  • Quick diagnosis
  • Easy to use
  • Highly precise data
  • Shockproof and waterproof

typical missions

The ECA Group’s Borehole Viewer range brings specific solutions to the problem of maintenance of medium depth boreholes or water wells in terms of safety and reliability, by offering dedicated video inspection and measurement, in order to detect dysfunctions such as:

  • Cracks on walls, measured directly from the video
  • Tubing deformation and metal tears
  • Screen clogging, at borehole foot
  • Results of chemical pollution 


  • Water borehole private operators
  • Water wells operators
  • Water network companies
  • Renewable energy operators
  • Mining operators


  • Water Boreholes inspection
  • Water Well inspection
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