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The worldwide need for satellite constellations, high throughput satellites (HTS) combining High Frequencies (Ku, Ka, Q, ...Band) and high data rates, as well as for deep space missions require antenna tracking systems with unequaled performances at all frequencies.

ECA Group is a significant player in the supply of satellite communication solutions to major space actors. ECA Group develops innovative systems dedicated to Earth Ground Stations for Earth Observation & Telecommunications Satellites, Launchers, Spacecraft or UAV.

With high technological added value, ECA Group is your partner to face technical and economic challenges. Understanding the core business of its customers enables ECA GROUP to respond to their needs.



40 years of expertise in aerospace technologies

With more than 40 years of established expertise developing innovative aerospace technologies in Earth observation, Navigation and Telecommunications, ECA Group is able to supply systems in response to increasing needs for very high pointing accuracy.

With such years of experience, ECA Group is the right technology partner for the long run.

ECA Group has continuously innovated to provide its customers with effective solutions that are more and more comprehensive. Its continuing research has contributed to the steady advancement of tracking chain performances including higher accuracy functionalities to high frequency Ka-Band. (Q Band in progress).

Of a special note, the TR-70 (former generation) receivers are still in operation worldwide ever since.



An innovative and comprehensive solution

ECA Group is developing true monopulse antenna tracking systems in response to the auto track solution. ECA Group provides a key advantage in its offer by providing its customers with an innovative and complete solution: the Compact Tracking Receiver (CTR70 – 70 Mhz or CTRD – 720 Mhz), with the Tracking Down Converter (TDC).

The Compact Tracking Receiver and The Tracking Down Converter are essential elements of antenna tracking chain:

  • The Compact Tracking Receiver (CTR 70 – 70 Mhz) keeps the beam axis of the ground antenna centered towards: geostationary or orbiting satellites, spacecraft or UAV.
  • The Tracking Down Converter (TDC): A wide range of tracking down-converters is proposed from S-Band up to Q-Band. They adapt deviation signals provided by the antenna feed to be processed by the tracking receiver. Tracking down-converters can be rack-mounted or provided in outdoor version.
  • The Compact Tracking Receiver (CTRD 720 – 720 Mhz) completes ECA Group’s product lign of tracking systems and addresses also integrators and ground stations manufacturers. CTRD 720 is derived from the CTR 70. It is available in the same format, i.e. in an indoor rack frame 19-inch 1U high with an RF input of 720 MHz.


High pointing accuracy functionalities

Associated with ECA Group tracking downconverter (TDC MODEL), the Compact Tracking Receiver (CTR70) becomes a tracking system with unequaled pointing accuracy performances in all frequency bands: S, C, X, Ku or Ka band (Q band in progress).


High performance equipment

By using the monopulse technique, ECA GROUP’s tracking receiver is highly performant and keeps a perfect and continuous alignment of the antenna to the satellite in motion.


Full compatibility ensured

ECA GROUP’s tracking receiver (either CTR70 or CTR720) is compatible with major former equipment. This implies long-term and cost effective operations.


On-demand maintenance services

ECA Group global offer includes maintenance services that can be adapted to customers needs.




  • Unequaled & unique functionalities

    ECA Group’s tracking systems include as standard autocalibration and autophasing functions. It means that signal impairments, generated by temperature variations, are now balanced by the AUTOCALIBRATION function which provides a tremendous comparative advantage to our customers. It is even more essential when it comes to high frequencies.

  • Q-BAND in progress (from 37.5 to 42.5 GHz)

    ECA Group is supplying the equipment in various versions (2 or 3 Channels) and in different input frequency bands (C, S, X, Ku, Ka). ECA Group’s offer is being optimized with the development of a Q-Band version.


  • Satellite & Communication Companies
  • Defence & Space Companies
  • Space Study & Research Centers


  • European conformity:
    • EN 301489-1

    • EN 60950-1

    • MIL-STD-810G (table 5146CII cat 4 + shock 30G11ms)

  • Compliant with EN 9100-2016 and ISO 9001-2016 standards


  • Earth Observation & Telecommunications Satellites, Launchers, Spacecraft or UAV
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